Adult nursing relationships stories

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Here are some links for ANR stories, books, and blogs about the journey of breastfeeding a boyfriend or husbandor their experience of nursing from their spouse. A pregnancy or having kids is not required to lactate. We cuddled for a while and chatted about how amazing it was. At this point I was honest with her about how suckling in her made me feel so connected and loved in a really unique and special way.

I started kissing her around her breasts again and started sucking. She got a bit annoyed at this point and said she has a baby hanging off them all day and was done. She softened a bit and after a few more mins of cuddling she told me to suck on them if I wanted. After doing a little research on the topic I realized that there was undoubtedly a lot of benefits from nursing your husband. The stress release alone was enough to sell me on the idea.

Besides, my husband has spent a lot of time sucking on my breasts in the bedroom anyway. Why not focus the time to generate a greater end result? Sometimes it's sexual, adult nursing relationships stories times it's not.

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Sometimes I'm just feeling cuddly and nurturing. I have a lot of varying emotions about this. Years ago when I nursed it was just about feeding the baby and I had no thoughts on an anr. I just did what I needed to do. But way later down the road I initiated anr to my husband because I loved how I physically felt while lactating and missed it, and he is the only man I have ever wanted to cuddle. I stumbled upon an article explaining ANRs and it just sent shivers through my whole body reading about the emotional bond, the closeness, the heightened intimacy, etc.

That started me on a massive google search of "lactating without pregnancy," and I was astounded at the wealth of information out there. So, I tentatively approached him with the topic and he was completely open to it, excited about it even, and we went about doing a ton of research and started me on drinking tons of water, taking herbs, and using motilium domperidone to really kick start the whole process. It was a long one at first, a week in I was still producing just drops but they were white and thick and creamy. Two weeks in and I was producing maybe a teaspoon, and then finally the glands and ducts switched over and I was able to shoot streams at him; which I did with great delight when he least expected it, or when we were in the shower I'm not even really lactating yet just a little leakage here and there as I'm almost 6 months and my boyfriend is always squeezing them trying to make them leak ha it drives me nuts but he gets off on adult nursing relationships stories.

Note: A pregnancy is not needed to lactate however. I notice that thinking about my husband makes my breasts ache. Some of the initial excitement has worn off and now I feel like I'm settling in. This is what we do now. He's on my breasts at night and in the morning. I have a stretch of 4 days off coming up and he's off for the first two. We'll be together for 2 solid days and can breastfeed every 2 hours together She caught me looking and smiled and said it was ok that I looked. She was way more forward than I was at the time, and was maybe years older than me.

We pulled up to her apartment and suggested that I help her out by gently squeezing her ample breasts At that point she began expressing without the pumps, was spraying milk all over the inside of my car, and was clearly getting pleasure out of it. She asked if I would mind suckling her, as it would help relieve the pressure better.

I went beet-red in the face, but I didn't hesitate, and took her left nipple into my mouth. After a little coaching on her part, I latched on My husband and I do something to this once a week. I drink more water than usual and eat oatmeal for at least one extra meal on adult nursing relationships stories days, too.

We absolutely love it. He has an app on his phone that makes a cow bell noise when he shakes the phone, and my breasts are starting to respond to the noise. They ache and I feel a bit of let down whenever I hear it. Then as I exposed her breasts with an enticing jiggle, the soft rays of the setting sun illuminated her moderate pink nipples and my eyes took in their wondrous beauty, their mystery, as they seemed to be begging me to partake. I was smitten by an awakened instinct, a biological imperative, a deep yearning to gaze, fondle, and then to suckle.

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As if an invisible force from her breasts had lassoed me and was rhythmically nudging me closer, and gazing so closely at the real thing, I surrendered to their needy calling and slowly sucked in her left nipple until it filled my mouth, my tongue rhythmically pressing upward and working from back to front. Then a euphoria came over me that was so overwhelming that it has always summoned me back for more. It was the day that we imprinted.

Sharing an adult nursing partnership with the person you love can be a beautiful and healthy part of any relationship, but taking those first steps toward t he opening of such an exquisitely uncommon lifestyle practice isn't always easy.

Because the practice of adult nursing is often unfamiliar—and even frightening—to some people, we must first face the challenges and conquer our own fears concerning the physical and emotional dynamics of breastfeeding. We do this by quelling unfair stigmas and harsh stereotypes, casting aside all that we have been shown through biased adult nursing relationships stories often sensationalized bits of media fodder, and ignoring the unrealistic images we can so easily discover through the magic of the Internet, eventually finding it within ourselves to answer our own questions, confront our personal moral dilemmas, and cast aside our inhibitions to enjoy what we know is right for us.

We do all of this privately, sometimes alone, and sometimes with the love and support of our partner, and in doing so, often without realizing it, we have taken those first steps toward the world of adult nursing Recently I've met with someone. And not only have they fulfilled my need to be suckled I've read about it being possible. But didn't think it was likely. Initially the seeking was just for nursing, the release of the pressure, and to benefit from the oxytocin release to initiate calming. But the orgasmic response from my body, almost seems beyond my control Women choose to induce lactation for many reasons, and each journey adult nursing relationships stories a truly personal one.

Sometimes, they do this with the help of a loving and supportive partner, and other times, they do this alone. For Cheryl, the journey of self-inducing began quite by chance, when, after experiencing health issues, and researching alternative medicine, she discovered that stimulation of the breasts could lead to the production of milk While the thought of producing an abundance of flowing breast milk is an intriguing thought, many couples find that encouraging lactation is a true labor of love, one that takes a great deal of time and dedicated effort.

As beautiful as nursing is, it can be difficult to find time for carefully-timed routine suckling sessions. When breast milk is a true desire or perhaps even a priority within a committed adult nursing relationship, but a partner is not always avaiilable to provide suckling, women may opt to use alternative methods of encouraging lactation; they do this by self-inducing Cozily sitting on our bed, we were holding each others Trying feeling every breathe of her, trying reading what those beautiful eyes were telling to me.

Q: Hang on, you've never been pregnant and you produce milk? A: Yes. It's entirely possibleand there are actually adoptive mothers who stimulate milk production so they can breastfeed their new babies. I loved every second of this experience.

The smell of her.

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The way she looked. The taste adult nursing relationships stories her occasional drops of milk. The way she stroked my hair and face. The sound of her breathing changing. I'm in my upper 30s, and this was one of the most intense sensual experience I've ever had. I felt like every single sense was being meticulously cared for in a way they had never all been simultaneously stimulated before. It was insanely incredible She says, "suckle gently, honey. I'm not gonna lie, it did feel good to suck on her breast like this, and to feel her holding me and stroking my head while I did so.

After a few seconds of suckling, milk started to come out. The milk was very warm and sweet! As I kept suckling, more milk started to come out. I suckled her left breast for about 45 minutes. After I was done with her left breast, I moved onto her right breast and spent about 25 to 30 minutes on that one. I didn't suck out all the milk from the right breast due to being full. I wanted to feel close to her, I wanted to be connected and feel better. It's so calming for me but I just felt like it would help. So I gently rubbed her side and asked her if I could nurse while she was sleeping.

Of course, she is so amazing and immediately said, "yeah! I immediately felt so calm, so loved, and so much better. I nursed until I got a let down and drank her sweet milk until her breast was empty. I felt so much better. I hugged her breast with my face, kissed them, and closed up her nursing shirt. I thanked her and we both rolled over to go to sleep Q: This is induced lactation, and you achieved it without a partner?

This is unbelievable! Please detail, how you did it, your schedule and how long it took you. Thank you for your comment! I started in October of last year, about 4 months ago. I mostly use my hands but I also have an electric breast pump. When I started, I would massage my nipples for 20 minutes, 6 times per day. As I continued, my nipples became more and more sensitive and pleasurable to the touch, which I didn't expect!

When I know I'm stimulating the right part of my breasts, I feel small, uterine contractions that are like a mini orgasm. It took one month of daily massage, 6x a day, to start producing drops of milk, and then I started using the breast pumps. I was streaming milk after two months. My husband and I are in our sixties. I breastfed our children and because of social conditioning it never crossed our minds for him to [enjoy] the gift of my breasts.

Five years ago we began enjoying longer periods of foreplay before sex-and because my husband has always enjoyed my breasts … Eventually I began producing milk and boy did his interest sky rocket and my joy of gift giving fulfilled. Because we are retired we have the time to have … sessions times per day and when we are busy every 12 hours work just fine. We never saw it as him being a submissive husband, a baby,only a very special time of snuggling and bonding. This special bonding has taken our long marriage to adult nursing relationships stories higher level of intimacy After wanting to try for months, I finally nursed from my wife.

The moment that made me want to is this one day she was extremely engorged and she hurried home to pump. After seeing milk dripping from her erect nipples, I knew I had to try. Admittedly, I came at this from a sexual perspective. There is nothing in the world I find more hot than my wife's milky tits. I was not at all prepared for the emotional aspect. After nursing from her, I feel so much more connected to her.

My heart literally swells and aches before, during and after. I can't stop thinking about her.

Adult nursing relationships stories

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