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Asian mist refers to the illegal maneuver of spitting a colored liquid in the face of an opponent in wrestling. By doing so, the opponent will in kayfabe be blinded and experience intense stinging in the eyes. Asian mist originated in Japan where it is known as dokugirior "Poison Fog" although it is used by a select few wrestlers around the world.

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Asian mist can come in almost any color, but the most common one used is green. Red "burning mist" is said to burn more, and was used by Yoshihiro Tajiri to defeat Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Championshipasian udes black "poison mist" blinds. Tajiri used this asian udes mist on Nidiastarting a storyline in which she was "blinded" in kayfabe for several weeks. Other colors used are blue, which sends the opponent to sleep, yellow, which paralyzes the opponent, and green, which obscures an opponent's vision and apparently causes great discomfort, as shown when Tajiri sprayed it in the eyes of Triple H.

Wrestlers who use the mist often make a show of rubbing their throats with their thumb and forefinger before spitting, as if to extract the mist from some secret gland. In reality, the mist is water and food coloring or, alternatively, a powdered drink mix such as Kool-Aid, which is stored in a small bag or balloon. The bag is placed into the mouth shortly before spitting. Wrestlers will sometimes carry the bag in their mouth throughout the entire match, but this is discouraged, due to the possible choking hazard.

Another concealment method is to keep a capsule that contains the mixture in the wrestlers trunks, and then put the capsule in their mouths when the camera is not focused on the wrestler about to perform the mist. A variant of the Asian mist was used by Gangrelhowever, the mist was billed as blood later, "viscous liquid" to fit Gangrel's vampire gimmick and he carried it to the ring in a goblet. It should also be noted that Gangrel drank the liquid in the goblet prior to the match, meaning that he wasn't trying to conceal the mist. While Luna Vachon was acting as Gangrel's valet, she frequently used the mist as well.

On the June 1, edition of SmackDown! These are the mist properties although they have been mentioned already but here is a brief reminder. Red- Quite often used but is said to Burn the eyes.

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Used by Gangrel which was known as Blood Mist. RAW game. Its color was random, with the possibilities being green, black, red for "Blood Mist," blue, purple and white for "Poison Mist.

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The move would then be carried over to WWE Day of Reckoning without Tajiri making the roster, but he appears in its sequel mentioned below. As a farther note, it is also used in both Day of Reckoning games as a reversal for superstars when defending against mainly powerbomb-type moves if the star's the reversal style is set to 'Mysterious' when editing their moveset. The mist also appears in many games of the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

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The maneuver is referred to as "Poison Fog. Pro Wrestling Explore. TV Championships Back. Promotions TV Championships Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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Asian mist. Edit this. History Talk 0. Green- The commonly used mist which is said to obstruct the opponents vision. Black- Said to blind the opponent for several weeks. Tajiri used this on Nidia Blue- Sends the opponent to sleep. Yellow- Paralyzes the opponent. Purple- Cause momentarily distraction and memory loss once used by Roxxi Laveaux.

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Asian udes

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