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One thing le to another and the two end up having sex at the party. But early the next morning Sofia finds out that someone has made a video of her and Axel having sex, and that this is now being shared with other pupils at her school.

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Episode two Sofia is devastated that the video has been made public. Who would want to do such a thing? With support from her friends she forces herself to go to school, where she is greeted by ridicule as the video makes its way around the place. The whole experience is humiliating, but Sofia is determined to find out who could be behind such a nasty prank and sets about doing just that.

But her mind is on her troubles.

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She has finally tracked down the person responsible for sharing the video of her and Axel, and she is conflicted about what to do next. She wants to confront them. But how?

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What could she possibly say? Bbc nudes and confident, he has the respect of his peers. But one day he is suddenly summoned to the local police station, where he is horrified to be charged with making and distributing child pornography. Police explain that the video of a girl only a year younger than Viktor was ed to Snapchat several months ago and that all evidence points to him as the culprit.

Viktor becomes anxious that news of his involvement with the police has become public and worries that his reputation is officially under fire. As the pressure mounts, some of his friends start to back away from him.

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Episode six Viktor decides to address his fellow students about the rumours that have been circulating. He calls a meeting at the school, where he makes a public apology. But girlfriend Nikki starts to doubt his version of events. Episode seven Flashback to the night of the party: Viktor is clearly taken with Miriam and he finally works up the courage to talk to her. Having pretended to be older, Ada matches with a cute guy, Tobias, and starts exchanging flirty messages with him.

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As the two get closer, Tobias asks her to send bbc nudes naked pictures of herself. Can she trust him? Episode nine Having found out that her naked photos have been shared on the internet, Ada feels under pressure to put her trust into Jan Erik Tobias Akdsala stranger who has approached her to offer the help of his organisation, which he says exists to help young people in her situation. What can she do? She just wants the pictures to disappear forever.

Episode ten Ada is desperate to raise the money she needs to pay Jan Erik. Under pressure, she considers her options. With her world collapsing, she decides to open up to best friend Trine.

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Should she confront Jan Erik herself? Episode five Viktor becomes anxious that news of his involvement with the police has become public and worries that his reputation is officially under fire. Week

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