Dick pics sent to girls

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You'd think the easy access everyone has to porn would make guys think about even hesitating before sending pics of their junk, but apparently not.

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One British woman, Samantha Mawdsley has demonstrated exactly how to deal with weirdos sending you x-rated pics. Samantha posted pictures of the conversation with the male who sent her an unsolicited picture and the are glorious. In a post, Samantha explained how after leaving a review on a restaurant's Facebookshe was asked to check her messages but little did she know she was going to be plagued by a picture of a random man's genitalia. What ensues is a conversation where Samantha gives the proud dick-owner a taste of his own medicine - by sending tonnes of penis pictures back to him.

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Covering the penii in Facebook stickers, the chat shows how entitled and stupid some men can be in thinking sending dick pics is appropriate. The most ironic part of the whole situation is that despite the male sending a dick pic to a total stranger, he ple with her to keep it private. Following the long conversation, QUEEN Samantha leaves him with a final gift and if he has any sense at all he won't be sending pictures of any sort any time soon.

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Dick pics sent to girls

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Why do men send women 'dick pics' without consent?