Dirty snaps

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Can I request a dirty snaps readerXHoseok lactation kink? Originally posted by hopekidoki. Poisons : Oral Female receivingnipple play, lactation, prasing, earplay and creampie. You only had a month and a few weeks left of your pregnancy, but it was both amazing and awful.

It was the summer, and your body was swelling, and you were retaining water making you gain a lot of extra weight. Even your breast gained another cup size since you started lactating early. You jumped a little feeling a hand up against your stomach, the hand continued lightly stroking your large stomach filled with both of your children. Your hair was gently placed behind your ear then your warm soft kisses were gently placed on your ear.

You turned over and laid down on your back, as hoseok got on top of you, he kissed your lips deeply as his hands started feeling up your body. His hands slowly stopped as he kissed your cheek, then down your neck, down your chest stopping at your breast.

Hoseok lightly grabbed your left breast and took your nipple into his mouth, you blushed as he looked up at you and started sucking, letting out a soft moan as his tongue started swirling around your nipple. Hoseok softly pulled away from your nipple, your nipple still dripping a little milk while hoseok started sucking on your right nipple, your legs squirming trying to give your pussy a little pleasure.

Hoseok softly pulled away again and looked up at you before swirling his tongue around your nipple. Hoseok kissed down to your stomach making a circle of kisses around your stomach, before placing two soft kisses on either side of your stomach then started kissing lower towards your pussy. You slowly opened your legs showing hoseok your slightly hairy pussy, he looked up at you and smirked before leaning down and slid his tongue up against your pussy making you moan. He started rubbing your clit as his tongue continued licking your pussy, you close your dirty snaps and started moaning feeling your pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Hoseok pushed his cock deeper inside you as he leaned down and kissed your lips deeply, grabbing both of your legs he pinned them on either side of you.

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You broke the kiss as you started moaning, he leaned to your ear moaning softly occasionally nibbling and kissing your ear. He unpinned one of your legs and started rubbing clit with his fingertips making you moan louder. Hoseok kept his pace making sure every inch of his cock went deep inside, moans finally started spilling out and into your ear. He started thrusting faster into your pussy and his fingertips moved faster, his mouth found its way onto your nipple swirling his tongue around it before taking in dirty snaps mouth full of milk.

Before he could do the other one he felt his orgasm started building making him fuck you rougher, your back arched in pleasure as you kept moaning. Originally posted by bangtarmy7. Originally posted by forevertiniandbts.

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An overweight submissive like yours truly. Originally posted by nochuie. Originally posted by suga-ssi. Seokjin of course and the kink is overstimulation. Originally posted by jincrediblez. Your legs started trembling as seokjin started breathing heavily up against your pussy, your fingertips were locked into his hair as tears threatened to spill out your eyes.

Your mind was completely blank as you felt for the last ten minutes was complete pleasure from seokjin, his tongue suddenly dirty snaps up against your pussy making sure to lick up all your juices and also making you moan out in pleasure, his hands grabbed your thighs tighter as dirty snaps tongue continue licking your pussy.

You closed your eyes and started moaning again not caring about how loud you were being. Seokjin looked up at you as he released one of your thighs, and he slid his tongue up to your clit then flicked it up against clit making your back arched as you moan out. He slid his index and middle finger deep inside your pussy until he found your gspot, his fingers started roughly thrusting up against your gspot.

You moaned out again and came as your squirmed, seokjin held your thigh tighter as his tongue continued up against flicking your clit. Posts Ask Moonlight some questions Archive. Anonymous asked: Can I request a chubby readerXHoseok lactation kink? Originally posted by hopekidoki Pairing : Jung Hoseok and Chubby!

Anyone got any snap requests?

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Anonymous asked: "T-Ta-taehyung Jungkook will catch us if we fuck on his bed. Anonymous asked: jk are you the type to get a boner while eating yn out? But I just want taehyung to spank me. Anonymous asked: bruh get a job ur like 21 dirty snaps it's disgusting writing smut about real fucking people.

I just love the way a submissive looks up at you before you put it in. Anonymous asked: I was wondering. What is a plushy sub? Originally posted by jincrediblez Pairing: Kim seokjin and Female Reader Posions: Oral Female Reader Your legs started trembling as seokjin started breathing heavily up against your pussy, your fingertips were locked into his hair as tears threatened to spill out your eyes.

Dirty snaps

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