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Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings. While the proof of his encounters with 4, groupies was burned per his wife's request, Simmons' sex tape still remains available to anyone willing to shell out a few dollars. The era of rock and roll, for all its musical history, is more often than not remembered for its wildest moments including drug-fuelled shenanigans and sexual escapades.

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And when it comes to iconic rock and roll figures, Gene Simmons easily ranks up there as one of the personalities who have done and seen it all. So much so that most of his revelations tend not to shock anyone anymore.

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Yet when he told the world he'd slept with nearly five thousand groupies and documented it all on polaroids, it still managed to floor everyone. They would go on to redefine the rock industry with their unique look, which included their ature face paint, wigs, and glamorous outfits, and their performances which featured fire breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics.

While the band saw lineup changes through the years, Simmons has remained its bassist and co-lead singer, with his stage persona The Demon being seared into fans' memories as one of the most iconic symbols in rock history. But as beloved as he is for his music, Simmons has also left behind a legacy filled with controversy and stories that continue to shock and delight. Inthe musician dropped one of many bombshells about his life. Did I sleep with 4, women? So they tell me. I did have the Polaroids to prove it, oh yes.

But most of them were burned. Their bonfire, which Simmons called a "ritual," allegedly elsa gene simmons on for days.

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While his promiscuous lifestyle has been frequently reported on, owing largely to Simmons himself boasting about his 'conquests', no one was ready for the tally of his sexual partners to stand at 4, Despite his usual honesty, however, the musician attempted to block a interview he gave with NPR's Terry Gross from being posted online in which he stated, "If you want to welcome me with open arms, I'm afraid you're also going to have to welcome me with open legs," a paraphrasing of a lyric from the Who's song 'You Better You Bet'.

The quote, nonetheless, made its way out into the world. His reluctance to allow this interview to reach the public's ears was certainly odd, given it came not long after the release of Simmons' sex tape. The tape, which featured one Traci Anna Koval then identified only as 'Elsa', was leaked after she ed away the rights to in back in And while many scrambled to get their hands on the tape when it first came out, most later stated they were disappointed by the video on of it being boring. Several statements were made about the singer not revealing his infamous tongue, and Koval would later state she lost many of her friends, including Ja Rule who allegedly kicked her out of his elsa gene simmons while they were hanging out with friends.

Simmons, however, seemed particularly unbothered by the tape itself and was more concerned with websites using stylized printing that resembled the one trademarked by Kiss. However, he remains unfazed.

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Simmons is, as most people would know, no stranger to controversy. And while the rocker now insists his wild days are behind him, their legacy does still live on thanks to Simmons' own interviews documenting all his experiences. But when they were born I was at the hospital crying like a year-old girl. How elsa gene simmons we get up here? His kids, luckily, don't think too much about Simmons' past. For the rocker's children, his music and politics and dalliances are no issue. He's just their dad, one who sometimes happens to get up on stage and sell out massive stadiums while he's at it.

It's hard to imagine a world where celebrities are not doing something wild. Rockstars dominated the '70s, but it's the age of pop now. And while the culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll may have faded into obscurity and Simmons may have given up his bed-hopping ways, he does name a successor truly worthy of his spot: Lady Gaga. If she had guitars behind her, she could knock it out of the park. Given the singer's propensity for being a chameleon where music is concerned, that's hardly a reach. But seeing as Gaga is not averse to wild antics of her own, she certainly is the best contender to take Simmons' place.

When he eventually bows out, that is. Kiss was on their 'End of the Road' world tour when the pandemic hit, derailing their plans while also delaying their final show. They'll playing when its safe to do so, and will hold the edition of 'Kiss Kruise' in October Kiss fans can thus enjoy Simmons sticking his tongue out at audiences at least for another year, no longer wondering where elsa gene simmons that tongue has been in the meantime.

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