Funny torture ideas

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When people think of torture or torture techniques and devices, their mind on an autopilot goes to the medieval times, when old school and brutal methods were implied on humans as a form of torture to retrieve information. Funny torture ideas devices like the 'Iron Maiden' or 'The Rack' were used on prisoners, while they were being questioned by the authorities. While no has ever banned torture techniques as such, they have ceased to exist on their own, as they were too intolerant for human existence.

But torture, as an idea, still exists and new forms of torture have appeared, to be inflicted on the masses for the same reasons as olden times. Of course with modern day technology and minds, torture techniques may have changed slightly in shape and form, but they still inflict grave repercussions on the psychological and physical framework of a human being and the impact is unforgettable.

Let's see how torture techniques have 'evolved' over the years and what modern day torture really looks like:. A few years ago, a controversy sparked in the United States, on whether waterboarding- a form of torture used by detention facilities, where a wet piece of cloth was kept on the prisoner's face mimicking the act of drowning- was an ethical way to torture prisoners. Detention camps like Guantanamo Bay used this method frequently, before the US government banned this method, to sanction something even worse, for the prisoners!

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According to journalist Lawrence Wright, an FBI agent told him that the officials at detention camps in Egypt would release dogs on the inmates and let the dogs have their way with them, including raping the men. Wright claimed that such torture methods formed a catalyst in radicalising many of these detainees.

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Well, a huge moralistic debate lies there, but as of now, there are no reports to prove if Wright's claims are actually true. In the '99, followers of Falun Gong faced persecution by the Chinese communist government. The followers were taken to the prisons and tortured, where they'd be beaten up and other gruesome acts were performed upon them. But the one that really breached the moral ground of existence was 'force feeding', where the prisoners would have a couple of tubes shoved down their throat, to force feed them a slurry of garbage, urine, faeces, mustard, chillies, tear gas and other household chemicals.

What happened to the inmates after is beyond unknown! Originally from Arkansas, at the Tucker State Funny torture ideas facility, the Tucker Telephone was devised as a form of torture, which was constructed from an old-fashioned crankshaft telephone. The phone was modified to produce electricity when cranked, to torture inmates in the prison. The ground wire would be connected to the prisoner's toe, while the hot wire would be connected to their genitals.

The staff member would then crank the generator, which would send electric shocks through the inmate's body, electrocuting them. The Tucker Telephone was eventually banned in the '70s. The cold cell is where a prisoner is put in front of an air conditioner for hours, months or sometimes even years, in order to torture them to retrieve information. A high ranked Viet Cong officer, Vhuen Van Tai, who was captured during the Vietnam war, was placed in a tiny windowless room, where the AC was on full blast facing him, for four straight years!

White torture, a form of emotional and psychological torture, is widely used even today and is somewhat the worst torture technique adopted for prisoners.

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The victim is placed in a room that's completely white and they're made to wear stark white clothing and they're given white rice on white paper towels for food and are not allowed to speak a word. Sensory deprivation soon makes a person hallucinogenic and eventually they lose their sane minds. The German Chair, also known as the 'Flying Carpet', is a form of torture where the prisoner is tied to a metal chair in such a way that their upper and lower part of the body is funny torture ideas towards the ground, to an unbendable position, giving them severe stress on their back, neck, and spine.

This form of torture often causes irreparable and permanent damage to the body. While this method was quite popular during the Renaissance, in modern day terminology, it's called as the 'Palestinian Hanging'. The prisoner is hung with their arms behind their head, which causes the arm to dislocate from the sockets. This mechanism also makes it very difficult for the prisoner to breathe. This might sound a little torture-less but trust me, it is used by a lot of governments to torture state criminals and it's exactly like it sounds.

They place the victim in a room and blast loud music, directly on their face and everything is played- from Metallica to even Britney Spears! No kidding! This torture device, also known as 'Cat' was last used on Jesus of Nazareth and surprisingly, is still being used even today.

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The prisoner is flogged with a 9 tail flogging device, the ends of which have metal claws, which dig into the skin of the prisoner, clawing the flesh out and ripping it apart. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ordered Trinidad and Tobago to put a stop to this method of torture, where it's still being used from time to time. This is another torture technique practiced by the Communist government of China against the followers of Falun Gong.

The tortured is placed on a bench, with a board against their back and their head. The prisoner's legs are bound tightly to the bench, with several leather straps, while trying to lift the prisoner's ankles. This goes on until the knees give way and snaps, leaving the person disabled for life.

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There are many more torture techniques adopted by different governments around the world, but the most prominent ones are listed here, which are still being practiced at large. Whether or not different forms of torture are ethical, is a different debate altogether, but for now, bringing these methods out in the open is the need of the hour.

Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features! Special Features. By Sunaina Mullick. Let's see how torture techniques have 'evolved' over the years and what modern day torture really looks like: Dog Rape A few years ago, a controversy sparked in the United States, on whether waterboarding- a form of torture used by detention facilities, where a wet piece of cloth was kept on the prisoner's face mimicking the act of drowning- was an ethical way funny torture ideas torture prisoners.

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Funny torture ideas

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