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You'd rest out in the nearby forest inside a cabin, away from contact with the other town. I'm male 23 looking for female rp partners for rp or either gender for non rp. I'm up to do original stories in existing shows, anime, or games.

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But if you want to start a new sto. I'm into roleay, which I do daily.

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I prefer blondes, but will make an exception. I'm extremely ual, and I love to do a long term RP. Girls only, no guys. You wake up na-ked laying on a bed, hands cuffed together with the cuffs attached to the bedpost, but your legs are free. You dont remember how you got here. The rooms lights are dim and all you ca. She decides to use it to make her crush es? I'm a hungry futa looking for females who can give me some detailed dirty roleplay through kik.

We can come up with many scenarios, long term, short term. Just hi.

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Kink roleplay. Cant do pictures or videos but can be discussed. Do as you please to me. All is consensual. Looking for a woman to do rp id be sub shota 10 ive got a few scenes for rp though that can be discussed. I'm 29y old.

I have embraced my true nature: gay roleplay kik used, abused, controlled, and much much more. I am looking for someone who has enough creativity, literacy and degraded ersion to show. I have a lot of 1x1 rp's i want to do most of them based on one thing or another but pretty much all my rp partners have gone MIA on me. I'll play male or female or futa or whatever with anything, I am male IRL if that's at all important Hones. Looking for a very detailed fantasy world kidnapping role play where you play as a large group of creepy older men or creatures that kidnap me.

Message me your asl and ask for the details if intere.

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The app feature. I want you to take complete control of me and use me for your pleasure. I want to submit to you and be your cocksle. Hey all! Due to me forgetting about a rule, this has been reposted to here. So I apologize if it isnt what your used to seeing on this site.

So, I've really been getting into this sissy stuff as of. Looking for someone to play as a shota. This rp will mostly be and I want you to be real rough with me, I want you to call me names and make fun of my fat while you slap me hard with. In this I will be a shy boy and you will teach me how to have and you are a female with experience. Hi, I am looking for a female to play as a more strict teacher and I a student. I want to do a nice roleplay with someone who understands how to roleplay. I don't care what type it is, it can be erp or clean I don't mind.

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Gay roleplay kik

email: [email protected] - phone:(917) 853-7966 x 9610

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