How to be a good hotwife

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Platinum Author 25 Articles. It's true there's lots of information out there on the topic, but most of it is written by men for men; and the material that is written by women seems to be more about what they get up to rather than how to make it work. In other words, it's also written for men.

So I think it's worth now giving some very specific advice to women who are seriously considering taking their husbands up on the deal and who want to have the best chance of making it work instead of blowing up in their faces. Firstbe truthful and free with the detail. Sometimes it's hard for a woman who's just had a night of passion with another man to talk to her husband about it.

After all, it's not generally done, is it? If you "kiss and tell", it brands you as a "certain kind" of woman. But not in this case. With hotwifing, he wants to hear every last detail. And I promise you, if you start playing coy and keeping things to yourself, then it really will not end well.

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Secondhe almost certainly wants to watch. It's not just that he wants to be around so he knows you're safe, but he also wants to see it happening. For him, it's all part of the fantasy.

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The overwhelming majority of men who what their wives to become hotwives have the ultimate fantasy of their wives looking them dead square in the eyes as their lover slowly enters them for the first time. He wants to see everything.

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So let him. Don't be shy and try to keep the two things separate. It's part of the price you pay for having such a wonderful, generous and understanding husband. Thirdhe wants you to be hot and dirty and to relax.

I know a lot of women are uptight about it when their husbands are watching because they think he's going to get upset or angry, even though he's the one who had the idea. And now we'd like to share our knowledge and experience so you don't have to make the mistakes we made - because we've made them for you! So, to learn more about hotwifing and copy my simple step-by-step Blueprint for turning your wife into a Hotwife, just visit my blog now and claim your FREE Hotwife Guide Relationships: Marriage Erasmus Crowe.

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Hotwife Advice for Women. I think women tend to get a raw deal when it comes to finding advice on being a hotwife.

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But this is a mistake. He wants to hear you groaning and moaning and begging your lover for more. He wants to hear your love making you cum like a train. He wants to see you are having the fuck of your life. After a while most hotwives get the hang of thing, but often not before some needless upsets. If you take this all on board from the outset, you'll have an easier time of things.

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How to be a good hotwife

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