How to have 2 kik accounts on one phone

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Update If you open the Kik Official Website for the support, they say you can to 2 kik s on same device. But you have to log out the first. It meansyou can to a single Kik at the same time. How Stupid is that?

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I mean really, official website giving such kind of ridiculous suggestions is irritating. Howeverhere we provide you the official trick to Use 2 Kik on one Phone.

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Kik is a Popular Messenger which is gaining popularity because it creates anonymous profiles. Users do not require to Provide Telephone to create the .

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You can install Kik app on iPhone by clicking this link. This trick to use two Kik s on one Phone will work on iPhone. Sooner we will provide the trick to use multiple Kik s on same Android Phone too. To use this trick, you should have iPhone with the Jailbreak. Do not worry if you do not have. You can Jailbreak your iPhone with this stepwise guide. This will solve your purpose to use multiple kik s on iPhone.

I Hope you will follow the steps easily. If you find any difficulty in proceeding, do mention in the comments. How to Use multiple Snapchat s on one Phone. Also, it is possible to use multiple Whatsapp s on one Phone.

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How to Use Two Kik s on One iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)