Kink for beginners

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You can define kinky sex or kinky activity any way that you want knowing that your desires, fantasies, and needs are perfectly natural. Sex researchers Alfred Kinsey and Wardell Pomeroy summed it up perfectly in their assertion that the only unnatural sex acts are those that you are unable to perform. Dirty talk can help to set the scene for sexual exploration by encouraging you to expand your traditional roles. Use dirty talk to:. To further explore this role, you can try coming on to your partner with a little more aggression.

Alternatively, you can use props as inspiration — blindfolding a partner may help to lower your inhibitions as you feel less self-conscious, or a flat-sided hairbrush might encourage you to be a bit more aggressive as you threaten your lover with a light spanking on their buttocks.

No sexual act is universally submissive or dominant, so even kink for beginners you are accustomed to being in control, consider taking small steps to relinquish the reins in the bedroom once in a while. Submitting to a lover in a consensual, healthy relationship is not a of low self-esteem or a lack of sexual self-assurance. In fact, many submissives are actually quite powerful people who manage great responsibilities in their professional and personal lives. Being submissive in bed allows them an opportunity to play an alternative role and alleviates some of the pressure they face in their everyday lives.

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To help get you into the role of a submissive, you can try out these simple one-liners in bed. Emery boards provide a rough surface for some teasing or light torture play, while wooden spatulas can be used for a gentle spanking.

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Plastic wrap, ties, scarves, and belts make sexy bondage tools and bobby pins or laundry clothespins with smooth edges can double as nipple clamps. Get creative and take turns collecting items from around the house that can be used to broaden your sexual exploration in the bedroom. Just be sure to discuss your plans with your partner ahead of time.

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Eventually, kinky sex can become a part of your warm-up regimen or your everyday sex life, but when you are just beginning to explore your kinky side, make sure the foreplay includes activities, positions, and techniques with which you are highly comfortable. Before experimenting with any bondage activities, make sure to read these safety tips from The Little Book of Kink by Dr. FREE Sample.

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Kink for beginners

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A Beginner's Guide To All Things Kink