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Some features of this site may not work without it. Name: SherrowThesisFinal. Size: Format: PDF. Date: Committee Chair: Hensel, Devon J. Committee Members: Foote, Carrie E. Latham, Kenzie E. Degree: M.

Degree Year: Department: Department of Sociology.

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Grantor: Indiana University. Keywords: Adult women ; Masturbation ; Solo sex ; Vibrator use ; Sexual behavior ; Sexual attitudes ; Sexual double standard ; Sexual relationship ; Sexual self-concept.

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Regarding the relationship masturbaton, partner communication and positivity toward masturbation and vibrator use ificantly varied together. Finally, greater sexual openness and sexual entitlement were associated with higher masturbation frequency.

from this study suggest that masturbation and vibrator use are common among adult women, and women are capable of sexual agency in relation to masturbation and vibrator use, whether they are in established partnerships or not.

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Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. Brandon-Friedman, Richard A. Youth in masturbaton foster care system receive less sexual and reproductive health education, experience higher levels of negative sexual health outcomes, and engage in more risky sexual behaviors than peers not in the foster Cox, Mary L. Sexual behaviors in adolescence establish the initial resources an individual carries into sexual relationships in adulthood.

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Current definitions of sexual resilience in adolescence are defined from a masturbaton, risk-based Dennis Springer Sexually explicit material SEM including Internet, video, and print may play a key role in the lives of Black same-sex sexually active youth by providing the only information to learn about sexual development.


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