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Screenshot from Yeti — Campus Stories. A yeet has to be approved by multiple Campus Yetis before being posted. She took screenshots of the requirements, which do not include any mentions of liability. The app store warns that Yeti content may feature violence, crude humor, alcohol, drug use and mature themes. Nick Vega, a freshman ing and international finance major from Dallas, is a campus representative for Yeti. He is asked to promote and spread awareness about the app.

In return, he is compensated with merchandise. Vega said he likes the app because users are able to share, promote events and have conversations, but he has seen people share too much. Most users posts are quite innocent, asking for recommendations of businesses, saying good morning or posting pictures of pets. However, some posts reference illegal activities or depict nudity. There are police officers who use and monitor the app, Nude texas tech girls said, but they do not punish all illegal activity. Some people use the app to try to purchase prescription drugs such as Adderall.

Jorge Hinojosa, a Tech graduate, started using the app after he saw a promotion for it through Snapchat. He is a Campus Yeti and enjoys seeing pictures that include pretty girls and partying. Posts of users smoking marijuana and using drugs are submitted often, but when Vega was a Campus Yeti, he would not approve the posts. One senior marketing major, who asked not to be named, was at work when she heard that a picture of her, taken from behind, was posted on the app. She said she was grossed out knowing anyone on campus could see the picture without her consent.

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It especially upset her because she was at her workplace and not asking for any special attention, she said. Some users try to find someone to hook up with through the app, but Vega said this is not a good idea because anyone can see it, not just students. Hinojosa said he dislikes how negative people can be on Yeti.

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Although he knows the negatives, Vega still enjoys using the app. Recently, he used it to promote a Freshman Council tailgate for the Student Government Association and was told it was one of the most successful freshman tailgates Tech has ever seen.

She loves reading, writing and petting her cats. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism, is pursuing her master's in mass communications and wants to continue reporting on important issues. Some say that all-nighters staying up all night to study are just a part of college life.

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But research shows that lack of sleep can increase stress levels, negatively affect your health and hinder your ability to focus. Some … [More]. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please contact the hr domestic violence hotline at… twitter.

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