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Top definition. Phat meaning a nice round onion butt that when you screw her doggy style, it gives the right amount of cushioning. Her round ass was so nice I didn't last for more than two minutes before I nutted on her. Jul 24 Word of the Day. Phat Ass White Girl A girl wit da ass of a god.

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Phat Ass White Girl. Damn sondid you see the ass on her? That is one PAWG. A white girl with a phat ass also known as a Phat Ass White Girl. This boner-inducing characteristic is commonly sought after by many men. Commonly said when a girl's booty is so fat that it is ridiculous although it is not the fat ass you see on landwhales.

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John: Damn! Kelsi and Jada are some of the hottest pawgs I have ever seen! Dan: Word!

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Their asses are so fat they are like planets. Phat Ass White Girl A white girl thats hella thicc and has a phat, juicy, round ass. Shes so damn thicc like omg. It from the streets, bitch!

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