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Dear Robin! My well trained pantyhose eye will spot all kinds of pantyhose miss treats on any given day. You can find toe caps not in line or vertical toe caps, sole reinforcements almost upp side on the wrist, heel caps twisted up sideways and damaged. Maybe take a pantyhose moment and adjust reinforcements and check seams etc. I personally approve of all kinds of pantyhose fetish blogs use, but I also think that a the pantyhose is a delicate and beautiful thing that need a bit of handling and care. Mature women knows this, they know how to handle a pantyhose.

Sometimes I wish I could just start a pantyhose handling centre. So here it is. While I created ActSensuous to make the style of pantyhose I loved but could no longer find, I have always realized and appreciated that people all over the world love a great variety of styles. These include the thickest and shiniest kinds to the most delicate and sheer types that challenge one to discern whether a woman is actually wearing or not. My feeling is any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose. Similarly, I find beauty and extreme femininity in the very concept of pantyhose.

In fact, since I love and appreciate most the kind of pantyhose that are practically invisible on the wearer, more so than patterned or thick and shiny kinds, I love subtle little indicators that make it obvious that pantyhose are being worn. Do you hate it when you see these little pantyhose condition mistreats, or do you love it? Are those things awful, or are they kind of sexy? Do you love it when you see a girl adjusting the nylon fabric up her leg, or smoothing it with her hands over her legs? Further, to her credit, Christie Brinkley is still a beautiful and classy woman who never bought in to bear legs culture.

Maybe she, too, was influenced in the virtues of pantyhose-wearing from the making of that music video, as she still wears sheer pantyhose quite beautifully today. So, what do you think? Do you hate the little condition mistreats inevitable in pantyhose-wearing, or do you love them? Are they ugly, or beautiful and kind of sexy? In a Hitchcock movie, everyone looked great, even if he or she was not a particularly chic or fashionable character. It was so nice seeing Jolie in those very sheer and soft-textured pantyhose, especially because of the shoes she wore with that outfit, supplied by legendary deer Salvatore Ferragamo.

About halfway through the movie, both she and Johnny Depp start to undress, each in their own rooms, and there it was — a very short glimpse of Angelina stepping out of her shoes, revealing the most lovely pantyhosed feet. Too bad the surprise only lasted a second, but the image lasts forever. The pantyhose Jolie wore were completely sheer. It makes me wonder how this scene even made it into the final cut. More often than not, I am disappointed in movies because the pantyhose fetish blogs deer ruins the look of its female lead by dressing her in fabulous costumes, but bare legs.

The movie then goes into practically nonstop action, as Salt employs all her spy skills to elude capture. I have to wonder how much credit the costume deer in movies gets, versus how much influence the actress has over what she wears. What is it that we love so much about pantyhose? Is it the look, the feel, or both? I believe true lovers of pantyhose love their feel as much as their look.

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Spandex is a man-made synthetic blend of rubberized particles. That can be good for keeping pantyhose from sagging, or for therapeutic reasons. Pantyhose made with spandex offer a smooth, slick or slippery feeling to the touch. If you run your hand over pantyhose like these, it will slide across effortlessly, as if on a glassy surface — like running your hand over a dolphin as it swims by.

I do understand how some people are attracted to pantyhose made with a bit of spandex. They can look alluring and still feel petty nice. On the other hand or legspantyhose made with a high degree of spandex are very shiny yeah, I know many people really like shiny and elastic. I believe this is the reason women say they hate pantyhose and complain that they are too tight, too hot and just too uncomfortable. Sometimes, you can tell when the pantyhose are all-nylon no spandexas the toes are held in their natural position. Even so, check out this picture of actress Mila Kunis, wearing pantyhose in the movie, Bad Moms.

Now contrast that with another movie still, this one starring Angelina Jolie in the movie, The Touristand check out this scene in which Angelina slips out of her pumps. See how much more delicate her pantyhose are likely all-nylon, or very little pantyhose fetish blogsas her toes are clearly and nicely displayed.

What I love is the extremely soft and truly silky texture you get from percent nylon pantyhose. I love that when you touch that fabric, it sorta touches you back. It gives. It moves. Pantyhose fetish blogs of the pantyhose you find on the market today are made with some degree of spandex. What bothers me is that women who think pantyhose are uncomfortable might never have tried anything but that kind of pantyhose.

They make your legs look perfect, they feel so nice on, and they feel incredible to the touch.

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Pantyhose can be practical: The right thing to wear at the office, proper for a formal or special occasion, or good for a massage. Ladies, have you noticed that men have been telling us for some time now that they love women in pantyhose. Men are talking about this subject on Internet chat rooms or blog thre.

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They are subscribing to the hundreds and hundreds of Web sites out there whose content is dedicated to women in pantyhose. They are looking at, posting and downloading pictures of women wearing pantyhose everywhere in the world. We wear high heels that one day will likely kill our feet forever. To men, none of these things make us sexier to them than our wearing pantyhose. They simply, honestly and with compassion, are asking that we grace ourselves with the softest, silkiest, most decidedly feminine and beautiful thing we could ever wear.

Yet, women everywhere shun the wearing of this lovely, classy and glamorous accessory. In light of everything pantyhose fetish blogs we do to ourselves in the name of beauty and glamour, how did pantyhose become pantyhose fetish blogs enemy here? They should show up at the office in suits but no ties.

After all, ties are too hot, too tight, and too uncomfortable to wear. No comments from you about this? Yet, no comments? I thought we were friends! Indeed, men ought to just unbutton their shirts to show off their gold chains instead? Really, men should show a lack of professionalism by dressing this way not only at the office, but on television shows, in movies and on the Red Carpet to collect their awards? And how about on dates? Think about it.

Obviously, there are many celebs who deserve such praise. These actors have the class and elegance to always wear pantyhose on the set. I know you have your favorites, too. You gotta write in and tell us who. You know the story: She has exploded on the dance music scene with four No. Already, she is a dance, music, entertainment, fashion icon. She is wise beyond her years, probably an old soul in a young body.

You might not like her music, her dancing, her fashion des, her lifestyle, or her outspoken ways, but you gotta admit she is a force, and a successful one at that. I do like her sound, her look, and her style. What I really like is her sense of values. First, she is devoted to her mother, father and sister. Consider this quote from Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls during an interview last month with Elle Magazine :. This is really who I am all the time. I think you should look nice all the time. Sooner or later, I had to write this post. I had tried several times before, but during my research to find scientific facts, I grew increasingly discouraged because there are so many conflicting reports, every subject is debatable, and pantyhose fetish blogs of the material focuses on the weird or disturbing aspects of behavior.

I did find one thing I expected — that the foot fetish is still No. Suffice it to say that pantyhose are high up there somewhere. Ultimately, I decided to just write about what I know. To me, pantyhose always have been about three things: The way they look, the way they feel to the touch, and the very concept of them in the first place. Once on, any item of clothing a person wears sort of disappears.

You stop feeling it on your body. Want your lover to feel what you feel when you caress her legs in pantyhose? All it takes is to move that delicate nylon fabric over her skin. The sensation is incredible for both parties. In the opening sequences of the movie, Jolie wears a cream silk dress, a mocha wrap, elbow-length leather gloves, towering stilettos, and very sheer nude pantyhose, which in some lighting seem to have a cream tone themselves.

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous What is it that we love so much about pantyhose? Known for some outlandish costumes, Lady Gaga is a true pantyhose ambassador on and off the stage.

Pantyhose fetish blogs

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