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I really don't get the appeal of the place. People will boycott a company for a tweet, but go gaga over visiting the exotic UAE. It's like Los Vegas, but with less of the fun sin to do, and a crazy islamic fundamentalist government. Spent some postheronline over there. You can go past a cop car in the wrong lane and they wont do anything because if they pull over the wrong person their life is effectively over.

How did we fall so far behind? Now this is effective trolling as an art form. OH no! She'll be sent from the UAE to Australia. Whatsoever shall she do? Nobody with an Aussie accent has ever convinced the aether to do anything other than make animals postheronline venomous. You know UAE, Afghanistan, etc etc postheronline utter shit holes, I know this, you know this, everyone knows this, hard to dredge up much sympathy. Apparently Tony Abbott has asked to see the fine involved. He has been looking for inspiration to rewrite Australia's laws. Got a job opportunity in UAE getting paid a 6 figure salary about 3x what I can make in the states.

I'd have to stay there 6 months at a time Glad I decided against it. Sounds like a Muslim postheronline with a progressive veil. Postheronline of these countries only have any benefit for the 20 or so people who are actually considered legal citizens.

Anyone else is a 'visitor' despite circumstances and is subject to draconian laws that only make sense in a tight monarchy or dictatorship. Her online complaint about a driver who parked in a disabled parking bay saw her charged under the UAE's Cyber Crime law.

Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Continue this thread. Well, that's certainly a stupid reason to be deported. At least she wasn't flogged or beheaded. The UAE is such a fucking joke. Why would anyone willingly patronize the UAE? Fantasies about living inside a dumpster? What were the bad words? Embarrassing a rich guy. Actual words not needed. Well, fuck the UAE. Now what kind of sentence would that get me?

She should have been charged with sorcery. Aus: "Oy! Turn that seppo into a prawn! More posts from the news community. The place for news articles about current events in the United States and the rest of the world.

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