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The review ran:. The one-woman band behind the site is Madeleine Holden, a New Zealand lawyer and journalist now living in Berlin. Every day, Holden receives at least 30 dick pics from around the world and evaluates them with her careful eye. Here are the takeaways from our conversation:.

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Dick pics are a broader category than popularly imagined. The shots are a little on the blurry side and the poses feel somewhat staged, but, nevertheless, it engages the eye. Your dick pic gets a B. Dick pics can also be political. A seemingly random collection of objects, including a picture of Saddam Hussein, sits next to a harshly lit set of genitals. The photograph almost dares its viewers to excavate a meaning out of this assemblage. This is essentially a log with a few additional flourishes, sender. The human skull and photograph of Saddam Hussein are intriguing, but ultimately your dick pic falls flat due to the lackluster angle and framing.

Your dick pic gets a C. Subtlety and context matter.

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Zoom out a little bit and show some of the rest of your body. Each photo captures a fleeting anatomical moment before the body changes shape, making us wonder what preceded and what will follow each image. Your dick pic contains movement and narrative, sender, which is a plus; and your pose is active and engaging.

This is a spare, black-and-white photo of a young, muscular man gripping a set of branches. The penis is less confrontational than it is in other Mapplethorpe photos. This is a simple and effective dick pic, sender. The lighting is expertly considered and the prop is an interesting narrative feature.

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Your dick pic gets an A. So many of the well-recognized photographers of male nudes are men — often men attracted to other men. Much of the gay photography after World War II developed through fitness magazines because the homoerotic content could be somewhat disguised.

The subject is touching a dog and pointing to something outside the scope of the photo.

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It takes the eye a while to decipher all of these details. This is a bold and impactful dick pic, sender, containing a lovely burst of color and plenty of movement. The creation of Critique My Dick Pic was partly a reaction to the male gaze and how it still dominates the way we look at bodies. The site is inclusive. With Critique My Dick Pic, Holden realized early on that she was awash in submissions from straight, white, cis men in their 20s, and she needed to call specifically for a broader set of photos.

In noticing this homogeneity, Holden assumed the dick pic takers were self-selecting.

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But the history of male nude photography in the West has generally involved photographers typically male, white, and bisexual or gay selectively photographing certain kinds of bodies generally young, well-proportioned, and black or white. One example of a white photographer who often photographed black men is Carl Van Vechtenwho was an active photographer in the Harlem Renaissance. The abundant shadows leave the penis, like much of the image, a bit mysterious. This is a luxurious dick pic, sender, featuring decadent costuming and props.

Well done! Your dick pic gets an A. The line between art photography and dick pic may not be that thick. At the same time, dick pic takers would benefit from treating their photos with a bit more gravitas. Christine Ro writes about culture and other topics from London. She's relentlessly lowbrow. More by Christine Ro.

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Rate my dick pick

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