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Thank you for your patience Report as Inappropriate. My new husband my deceased ex husbands brother is not willing to have sex with me as I am 4 months pregnant as he wants his brothers kid to be unharmed. He is a caring man and he too cares for the kid inside me. He just kisses me and squeezes Latest: 3 minutes ago basil Latest: 18 hours ago AlienBaby. I love my husband but I am not sexually attracted to him. My husband and I have been together going on 5 years 2. Latest: 1 day ago texasmum. While having sex has anyone experienced peeing and if you have what was there reaction? Latest: 1 day ago cheniseR.

I feel like my partner is using me for his pleasure. Advise please. My ificant other always asks me every day or every night if he can have head. And of course I give it to him every day. Latest: 2 days ago AlienBaby. Just venting I guess : Currently 37 weeks pregnant and up until about a month and a half or so my boyfriend and I had been having sex at least once a week.

My boobs have grown quite a bit and he was loving it and would always initiate even Latest: 14 days ago WTE Member. My hubby and I never have had oral sex. Too dirty in our minds. Anyways, with being 33weeks pregnant I'm super horny and wanted to try it but only with a condom on.

It was ok but I think it could've been better. Any tips for a BJ with a condom? Latest: 17 days ago yumyumbabypineapple. Latest: 19 days ago texasmum. Excruciating pain after sex warning TMI lol. I end up in the bathroom clutching a cold towel to my stomach for at least ten minutes before it subsides. I feel it coming on in when in doggy and cowgirl. I used to have Partner cheated while I was real sex forum month pregnant. Hi, I'm really struggling with someone to talk to, hope you can all help me out.

My partner works over seas and I have had a gut feeling that there's been something a bit off with him. Latest: 27 days ago cmb Hi all,Some background info, I have been with my hubby for 10 years, since we were We have been married 3. Latest: 2 months ago GeorgiaOnMyMind.

My husband loves sucking on my boobs and nursing during sex. Anyone else? Has anyone felt the real sex forum to be with a woman while pregnant. I have been watching porn but it's not satisfying. Seeking advice. Latest: 2 months ago Shopkins Latest: 2 months ago latroiajones. Latest: 3 months ago MeganD The What to Expect Community was created to be a supportive environment where parents can share joys and concerns with others going through similar experiences.

Latest: 3 months ago MrsMommaDevi. Ok so with my current partner of 4 years, sex has almost always been painful, before or after. Ok sure. But I can be as ready as anything and insertion is sometimes painful Latest: 4 months ago YoMamaMesh.

Latest: 4 months ago MrsMommaDevi. After two months now after having our son my husband and I have had sex probably 3 times Latest: 4 months ago Rach Hey guys I have been talking to this guy and he does want a relationship with me and I don't know if I can give him what he wants. I do want to have a relationship with him but scared of getting my heartbroken again he also said that he wants Is anyone else experiencing this? Latest: 4 months ago les Okay so after my son was born I haven't had any sex drive. I love my husband and he's the one always initiating sex.

But im always tired and never feel sexy. I feel grossed out when he kisses or sucks on my breast. He's always Real sex forum 4 months ago supermom Was going through my bfs phone to look at the nursery room ideas he had for our baby What do I do? Latest: 5 months ago iHoop. My husband and I were having sex and everything was great except during sex I could feel my mouth move in ways I wasn't wanting. Like Spasms in a way. Next thing I know my hands and forearms are tingling. I tried to ignore it the best I could Latest: 5 months ago nameofuser1. Hi, I am 35 weeks and my hormones are all over.

I have been with a couple girls before but never alone. Since I got pregnant I got so much into watching lesbian porno and masturbating. Little backstory. My boyfriend was with his ex for a few years and he claims she forced him to go down on her all the time and now after 2 years of us being together he still will not go down on me.

It kinda bothers Latest: 5 months ago KathleenMarie Are any of you ladies enjoying anal while pregnant? Hey guys when I was pregnant my bf would eat the kitty up until mid 2nd trimester because obviously body changes and I tasted different.

Real sex forum

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