Spanking 101

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This series of videos started out when a friend asked me to do a spanking demonstration for her BDSM group. My wife and I had so much fun doing it, that I decided to write a book, which then became a series of four books and a CD, soon to be available at www.

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When I was outted by an ex, I lost my vanilla job, so I decided to do videos that spanking 101 also informative, to go along with the books. We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with some of the spanking Scene's most important icons, including Erica Scott, Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and Miss Chris.

We have also been amazingly lucky to work with many of the Scene's current elite spanking models, including Sarah Gregory, Katherine St. In addition to THAT, we have been able to work with some gorgeous new, er Our base set of models continues to grow, and we are always looking for more talent. Our models are well-treated, professionally spanked and protected, and are amongst the best-paid spanking models in the Scene.

If you are interested in working for us as a spanking model, please me at tubaman aol. As for the videos in this store, you can expect absolutely the most beautiful women in the Scene, being spanked in everything from sexy outfits to totally nude. You'll see punishment spankings, fun spankings, sexy spankings, you name it.

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We have a large of multiple-girl spankings as well. You'll see spankings, canings, paddlings, strappings, croppings, every imaginable type of spanking. While they are meant to be spanking 101, they are absolutely worth watching just for the spankings alone. One other thing: while I have years of experience, and lots of advice to offer, I by no means claim to know it all. If you have suggestions for ideas I left out, please feel free to me and let me know. Spanking 101 am not only open to suggestions, I welcome them.

We are also glad to do custom video work. Just write me at tubaman aol. One thing: these videos are my first attempts. I am always open to honest, helpful criticism, but please spare me the nasty, unhelpful comments. I'll file them where they belong up your kiester. However, I DO take helpful criticism to heart, and will use it to improve the product, so please don't hold back if it's honest criticism.

I'm not made of glass. When I finally put them on the site, all of the videos will have voice-overs, and they'll all be a more polished product, thanks in part to your suggestions. Sassy Riley Haze has already been spanked a seat-scalding FIVE times, yet when Principal Tubaman takes the soap out of her mouth, she still comments, on her way out of the office, "This is some fucking bullshit!

She is marched straight back into the office and paddled HARD again on her very, very sore bottom. This time she manages to keep her mouth shut.

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Naughty Ava Nyx refused to get out of bed and got soundly spanked by her real life Daddy Tubaman for her trouble. And her day has just begun! The punishments continue for naughty cheerleaders Kajira Bound and Amy Fox. Both are very sore from multiple spankings, and now they must bend over for an ass-scalding side-by-side double paddling wth a wooden paddle.

And their punishments are still not over. Naughty Ava Nyx has already been soundly spanked for getting off when spanking 101 life Daddy Tubaman had grounded her from orgasms, and her bottom is very, very tender. Now he gives her a harsh lesson in self control. He makes her put her favorite vibrator on her clit and proceeds to cane her vigorously as her arousal intensifies.

However, she is not allowed to cum until he gives her permission, and he makes her wait for a very, very long time. By the time she is finally allowed her release, she levitates.

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Her pleasure has a serious downside: after she comes down from her huge endorphin rush, she is so sore she can't sit down on her blistered bottom, and her crotch is so worn out she needs an ice pack. Naughty Riley Haze is sporting a VERY sore bottom after three spankings and a paddling, and now she spouts off at the secretary. This time she bends over for a MUCH longer, harder paddling, then corner time with a bar of soap lodged between her teeth. Naughty Ava Nyx's bottom is still tender from the spanking her Daddy gave her this morning, and now she must report to the Principal for tardies.

In short order, she is put over his knee for a good, hard spanking. And her day has just begun. Naughty cheerleaders Kajira Bound and Amy Fox have already been soundly spanked and paddled, and their bottoms are very sore. Afterwards, an ear-burning scolding and the two are sent back to class.

For good? I don't think so. Naughty Ava Nyx disobeyed her real life Daddy Tubaman and got off with a vibrator while grounded from orgasms. He catches her and blisters her bare bottom, then fetches a cane and a paddle. She will now be required to NOT have a orgasm until he gives her permission. If she spanking 101, she gets ten licks with a Spencer Paddle. Tubaman lets Ava feel what ONE swat feels like, and she definitely doesn't want ten. As for his plans with the cane, stay tuned. Naughty schoolgirl Riley Haze is already very sore from two hard spankings at home and a seat-scorcher at school, but now she has to return to the Principal's Office and face strict Principal Tubaman for a paddling with a wooden Spencer Paddle!

Naughty little Ava Nyx refuses to get out of bed, so after three attempts to wake her up, real life Daddy Tubaman bares her behind and blisters her good. Now she is going to face the Principal. Naughty cheerleaders Amy Fix and Kajira Bound have been getting into trouble over and over again and their bottoms have been paying the freight. Now a very sore Kajira Bound gets taken over Principal Tubaman's knee for a hard and well-deserved spanking on the thin seat of her panties.

Naughty Ava Nyx is grounded from orgasms for a month, and her punishment is almost over. All she has to do is behave until her real life Daddy Tubaman returns from a trip. However as soon as he leaves, she starts watching porn and getting very aroused. Eventually, she can't hold it and grabs her vibrator.

After a thunderous orgasm, she passes out with bliss. Spanking 101 then Daddy comes spanking 101 unexpectedly, his trip cancelled, and finds his beloved Brat has disobeyed him. This is not going to turn out well for little Ava's behind. Naughty schoolgirl Riley Haze has already been soundly spanked and strapped by her Daddy before she even gets to school. Naughty little Brat Ava Nyx has been spanked, cropped, and paddled in her skintight Spanx, and now she gets the strap, vigorously applied to her sore bottom by real life Daddy Tubaman.

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Naughty cheerleaders Amy Fox and Kajira Bound have been spanked soundly by firm-handed Principal Tubaman, and poor Kajira is rubbing her blistered behind after a hard paddling as well. Now it is Amy's turn to bend over for the wood. Unfortunately, she flopped BACK on the bed after. This time, Tubaman returns with a leather belt, bares her bottom, and scalds her with a strapping that has her howling.

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This time she bends over for a long, hard paddling from real life Daddy Tubaman. Now that naughty cheerleaders Kajira Bound and Amy Fox have been soundly spanked by Principal Tubaman, it is now time for them to bend over for the wooden Spencer Paddle. Kajira is first. Naughty spanking 101 Riley Haze just won't get out of bed, so after multiple attempts, Daddy Tubaman decides to take matters in hand and tan her misbehaving bottom.

Riley rubs her smarting derriere, then unfortunately, flops BACK on the bed, bottom-up! This will be her first of MANY spankings!! Sassy little Ava Nyx has already been soundly spanked over her real life Daddy Tubaman's knee while wearing her skintight Spanx, and now she bends over for three consecutive whippings with a mean leather crop.

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Spanking 101

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