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The Bahamas : Students strapped by PE teacher. With news item Tanzania : Two students bend over to be disciplined in the school yard Malaysia : year-old, pictured, gets 9 strokes spanking web site the rotan for robbery. Nigeria : Student who defied motorbike ban is ordered 10 strokes of the cane.

Thailand : Air force private shows bruised buttocks after unofficial caning. United States : School paddling statistics from Georgia Think of it as an electronic press clippings library, now containing over 6, clippings. Within each year or group of years you choose the country you want to research, and the items are then classified by type of corporal punishment and by month.

The Archive -- items You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology The Archive -- 93 items You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology The Archive -- 78 items You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology The Archive -- 77 items You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology The Archive -- 57 items You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology The Archive -- 27 items so far, 19 of which are New!

You can also view the links to 's items for all countries combined as a single date sequence at News Chronology Corporal punishment in Texas schools: Why Pampa ISD is bringing back spankings illustrated A case study of one local example of a recent trend back towards paddling in certain parts of Texas, especially for high-school students: why the school board decided to reintroduce it and how they went about doing it. Corporal punishment in US schools illustrated An overview of American school and college paddling in the present and the recent past, with relevant documents, pictures and external links.

Behave or bend over for the slipper illustrated UK Grammar School life in the s. Caning in Singapore schools illustrated English CP traditions are firmly upheld for present-day secondary schoolboys in Singapore. Detailed article with pictures and links. Top CP Schools: 1. Top CP Schools: 2. The St John's schools of Canada illustrated with video clips Three boys' boarding schools where paddling was the everyday punishment.

Overview: Spanking web site punishment in British schools illustrated Details of the cane, strap and "slipper" in UK schools before School caning in South Korea illustrated Spanking web site look at this highly successful Asian country where CP was alive and well until recently. Timeline: Eric A. Wildman Chronology spanning 60 years on a remarkable character who made headlines with his pro-CP campaigns and appears to have lived on the proceeds of supplying punishment canes to schools and institutions.

With links to over 20 press items and several ly undiscovered pictures, and extracts from two of his publications. Eric Wildman: s crusader for corporal punishment Subtly witty essay from Corporal punishment: the Friends Reunited evidence What do the entries in Friends Reunited tell us about corporal punishment in UK schools in the s, s and s? Voluntary Corporal Punishment Reduces Suspension Rates by Tim Yancey Study of an experiment at a high school in Georgia, USA, where paddling was reintroduced, for minor infractions, but purely as an option freely chosen by the student instead of detention or in-school suspension.

The program was successful. The cane and the tawse in Scottish schools The implements used to punish Scotland's students in both recent and more distant times, and some case studies. Judicial corporal punishment in Britain illustrated A comprehensive historical overview. Judicial corporal punishment in South Africa Major illustrated feature article in 12 parts.

Birching in the Isle of Man to illustrated with video clip Overview of the post-war use of judicial CP in this independent British offshore island. Judicial Caning in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei illustrated Comprehensive survey explaining everything you ever wanted to know about the court-ordered canings in these three Commonwealth countries in south-east Asia. The Canadian Prison Strap In three parts: official views and opinions, recipients' descriptions, and full details of the two different methods used, illustrated with pictures of the various equipment used and of the strap itself.

Corporal punishment in the British Navy illustrated Developments in the 20th century. Caning in the Singapore armed forces illustrated Singapore is one of few countries today where formal CP is an official part of the disciplinary regime. Caning, birching and strapping in UK reformatories How it used to be in Approved Schools and other British youth institutions: regulations, theory and practice, with links to key documents. The inquiry led to its immediate closure.

Injustice at Court Lees A riposte to the Gibbens conclusions from the staff point of view. Spank While you Sell: Corporal punishment imagery in print advertising illustrated Analysis of 15 newspaper and magazine advertisements in which CP is pictured.

Spank While you Sell -- supplementary 1 illustrated An addendum to the above, with 12 further images.

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Spank While you Sell -- supplementary 2 illustrated with video clips Five more advertising images and two video clips. The Spanking Machine: A Resilient Myth in Popular Culture illustrated Jeremy Bentham's utilitarian whipping contraption, as imagined or in some cases actually built by 24 different deers. The Canadian Regulation School Strap: How the strap was adopted, dispensed and ultimately banned, and why it is gone forever.

Corporal punishment policy, practice, procedure, regulation, and world, judicial and parental CP influences, by Harold A. Mercurio Full text of book available for free download. Corporal punishment: Is it effective? An empirical study of school punishment records, by Harold A. This is gradually being developed into an overview of the CP situation, past and present, for each country.

There are many external and internal links to detailed corporal punishment information, including legal, procedural or practical aspects, from official documents or from other reliable published reports. An offshoot of this section is the Present-day online school handbooks s, organised alphabetically by country and, for the USA, by State.

All these schools announce that they use corporal punishment and give spanking web site amounts of detail. To find selected key documents on a particular topic, such as birching in schools or female recipientsfirst try the Topics A to Z s.

To browse for material on corporal punishment in a particular countrystart by looking for that country on the Country files s and also in The Archive.

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The Archive is also the place to start if are looking for press coverage on all aspects of CP for a given year or period in history. Use the search engine below if you are looking for a "needle in a haystack" such as the name of a town, a state or a person, or some specific aspect of corporal punishment not yet highlighted in Topics A to Z.

Also use the search engine if you want to be sure to find every occurrence of your search term throughout the website.

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If it is a large containing several items, you may then need to use the search function in your own browser "Find on this " to find your item on the. School corporal punishment UK links School corporal punishment USA links School corporal punishment Other countries links Judicial corporal punishment countries A-R links Judicial corporal punishment countries S-Z links Domestic parental corporal punishment links Other corporal punishment military, prison, reformatory,fraternity, etc.

Farrell -- Who is C. Monitored by Sucuri. Although this website contains mainly factual material, expressions of argument spanking web site opinion also have their place, provided they are clearly labelled as such. This section will, over time, develop some lines of argument from a variety of sources about different aspects of corporal punishment. The focus is on views not widely expressed on the Web -- not excluding pro-CP perspectives, since arguments against corporal punishment overwhelmingly dominate the debate, on the internet as elsewhere. And how refreshing to have a distinguished academic point out that the debate is too polarised, with advocates and opponents alike typically adopting absolute black-and-white positions when commonsense would suggest that the reality is a series of shades of grey.

Well worth reading. Hate Mail! Farrell has an exchange of views with a hostile correspondent. School corporal punishment: The High School Cane: a Eulogya thoughtful comment on the cane's usefulness and efficacy in keeping mischievous teenage schoolboys in order, with some reflections on its wider cultural ificance.

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The author writes from personal experience and a lifetime's careful observation. Judicial corporal punishment: C. Farrell's letter to a British politician, suggesting that you cannot sell the idea of judicial corporal punishment by concentrating exclusively on the deterrence argument, and discussing a of legal and technical points that need to be addressed in any new proposal.

For further arguments in favour of a return to judicial corporal punishment in the UK, see A fair price to payThe GuardianLondon, 14 March It has two Rs and two Ls! All press cuttings or other factual material relevant to formal corporal punishment gratefully received. Please quote source and date if at all possible. Site search by freefind Advanced search.

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