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You know about Instagram and Snapchat. Maybe you even know about Finsta. For millions of teens in the U. They may open Whatsapp, too. However, the same reasons adolescents like Kik is why child predators like Kik: the secrecy. Pedophiles and predators can flirt with random teens or tweens they find, while staying as anonymous as they like, because there is no phone attached to their —just a username.

For one thing, many predators will simply message random usernames, hoping they will bite.

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However, many teens will public groups on Kik. For example, fan-based groups like JustinBieber or GameofThrones, or game-based ones like PokemonExperts, are popular among teens and tweens. This exposes their usernames to all the members of the group. Other times, adolescents themselves will advertise their own Kik profiles. They may willingly cross-post their Kik username or Kik code on other social media sites like Facebook. This is why Kik has become a breeding ground for sexual propositions, pornography, cyberbullying, child abuse, and more.

Lovell planned to sneak away with a teen she had been speaking to on Kik. This year-old Virginia Tech college freshman ended up murdering her. Discourage your teen from sharing their Kik name on social media, or advertising it among Kik itself.

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Tell them to be wary about ing public groups. This simply invites messages from predators. Upon up, Kik also asks for a phone in order to match you to other friends in your contacts who also have Kik, but teens can decline this. This feature places all new messages in a separate section, and the content of those messages will be blurred until your teen decides to respond to the new person.

Can you monitor the messages your teen is getting? In any case, tell your teen never to share personal information with people they never met. That includes their address, teen chat kikor personal photos. On that note, talk to your teen about their personal profile photo. According to Common Sense Media, predators target adolescents who post revealing pictures.

To learn more about privacy on Kik, read their Guide for Parents. Mental health conditions and emotional struggles often find their escape in social media. Depression has been linked to heavy social media use. Perhaps this is why many teens and adolescents spend time on Kik.

With its relative anonymity and ease of communication between strangers, teens in need of love or attention find Kik the perfect place for finding it. But even adolescents without mental health concerns can find social media attractive. Mental health issues can arise from a variety of sources, including bullying, problems with family, issues at school, ADHD and more. Talk to a mental health professional to see if your child can benefit from an intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, or residential treatment program specializing in adolescents.

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Teen chat kik

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Kik chat app: What parents need to know