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There were an astonishing of cross-dressing, gender-reversed, transvestite performances and roles with confused sexual identities among the Academy Awards nominees all lost their bidshighlighted by the following:. This silly,soft-core R-rated coming-of-age sexploitation comedy by director Pat or Bud Townsend of the early 80s with a subplot about drugs was typical of "drive-in" type films. Its tagline described the setting:.

Ginger and Ducky immediately ran to the beach to sunbathe naked, while Sarah became acquainted with Scott. When a cute pizza delivery boy Jordan Welch arrived, Ducky moved closer and asked: "Is that a salami in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? The more sexually-adventurous Ginger and Ducky persuaded Sarah to hold a big beer and pizza party in order to attract handsome delivery men: "School's out now, it's time to have some fun, you know? We're not going to have an orgy, just a little party. Soon, the beach house's driveway was crammed with workers' trucks and vans, and a dance party was underway.

There were couples making out in the bathroom and on the living room sofa. A naked pool party also broke out, while Sarah nervously watched. A young police officer named Jay Channing Clarkson who was checking on a reported noise disturbance, was seduced by Ginger to the fun. As the sun was setting, dozens of partiers stripped off at the beach for a swim. The beer-drinking bash ended with a beach bonfire and a sing-along - and the arrival of Carl to break up the party, although he promised Sarah that Ducky and Ginger could remain until the following day.

Ducky and Ginger schemed to get to know "fuddy-duddy" Carl better and "real friendly-like" before they were thrown out - and to convince him to change his mind about staying there. The sexy Ginger ed Carl in the sauna and spouted seductive lines such as: "There's nothing like cold water when you're really hot," and "It feels so good to sweat" - as her white tank top became more transparent as she perspired.

She then removed her tank top and proceeded teri garr nudography offer to give Carl a back rub or get him a drink, but when he refused, she removed a t from her panties and suggested he relax with a smoke: "I've got just the thing, then" - and he obliged her. She instructed him: "Nothing can go wrong, now take a deep breath, hold it in" - and he soon feel asleep and collapsed.

By dawn, the party attendees were crashed out in the beach house's living room, but they quickly sped off in their vehicles. The teen sex comedy included other customary scenes, such as a dog perpetually stealing loose bikini tops, spying by the Brinker neighbors with a high-powered telescope on the nude sunbathers, half-naked chicken-fights at the pool party, the beach house gardener's Bert Rosario continuing spate of accidents, and Ducky's topless sunning on Carl's boat deck. Ducky fell overboard and had to be rescued by Carl and carried up onto the beach. While receiving CPR, Ducky revived and gratefully kissed him.

There was an uninteresting sub-plot about a shipment of smuggled drugs marijuana on a boat captained by near-sighted Captain Blye Herb Braha. The boat was pursued by the Coast Guard and was forced to drop its load on the beach. Black plastic garbage bags of marijuana were found on the beach by Ginger and Ducky. They brought them back to the beach-house for a second night of partying that evening. As participants arrived, each one was handed a personal bag of marijuana by Doreen Tessa Richarde. A mud wrestling fight developed in the over-watered garden area.

Meanwhile, there was the slow development of a predictable relationship between Sarah and Scott. At the film's end, the inept Coast Guard raided the party, confiscated the marijuana, and incinerated it on the beach in a bonfire. While everyone was inhaling the smoke, the prudish "50 year-old teenager" Sarah became loosened up and sexually awakened - and decided to go topless.

Then, she fell into Scott's arms, and before she kissed him, explained her transformation: "I felt like it I know what I want. I wanna be just like you! This low-budget romantic fantasy sword and sorcery adventure by director Don Coscarelli soon became a revered cult film, and was created to capitalize on the trend for these films following Conan the Barbarian The taglines described the title character:. See her similar starring role in the Tarzan-like Sheena She was introduced as sexy temple slave girl Kiri - viewed from afar by the Beastmaster in a nude swimming scene with a companion.

He fell in love with her at first sight. He sent his ferrets Podo and Kodo to steal her top from the shoreline. She soon became his love interest as he went on a quest for revenge. Cain's potboiler novel The Butterfly - a story of forbidden love, deceit, revenge, incest, and murder. Now, his most powerful and daring love story comes to the screen! One-time child actress Pia Zadora won two contradictory awards for this melodramatic teri garr nudography.

The film told about a "Lolita-esque" 17 year-old voluptuous, trampish, conniving sexpot named Kady Pia Zadora in her first starring or lead film role. In the opening scene - wearing a flimsy low-cut dress - Kady was hitchhiking in to Good Springs on the Arizona-Nevada border.

The pouty, baby-faced female had seduced the truck driver John Goff into driving her to her destination, and then teased him by hinting that she was promising him sex before running off. She grabbed her belongings and ran up a hillside to the remote and isolated shack of desert hermit miner Jess Tyler Stacy Keachwho was guarding and tending an abandoned Nevada silver mine "keepin' it away from scavengers".

As she was sitting on his open front porch, Jess drove teri garr nudography. When Jess asked: "Miss She hinted that she was "just somebody you might like to know. She followed him as he went to milk a cow, and drank the fresh creamy milk from a dipper, provocatively purring: "I like it warm with foam on it.

With her hands on her hips, Kady stated her implied relationship to him:. According to Jess, 10 years earlier when the mine closed, two-timing Belle had deserted him and taken the two girls with her, when she permanently ran off with her womanizing lover Moke Blue James Franciscusand raised the two girls in a boarding house for "lusty miners. The barefooted waif Kady asked Jess about his lonely existence: "Don't it get lonely out here?

Or is just milkin' that cow teri garr nudography enough for you? Later that evening, she recounted how she had to forgo school when she became pregnant "swelling"and that she had delivered out of wedlock a month earlier an infant son named Danny. She then decided to go looking for Jess - and boldly declared her intentions with him - as his daughter: "To keep you from being lonely. I come to stay with you. The next morning before breakfast, he found her snooping around the entrance to the silver mine. He told her that there were only small chippings that remained - not enough for the silver mine owner Mr.

Gillespie to keep a "full crew" working. She persistently asked: "Is there enough silver in there to make one, maybe two people rich? She was hoping to become rich if she could entice or convince Jess to reopen the mine, locate chippings, and allow her to stay:.

Kady: "You're the guardian, Jess. What's to stop us from gettin' it out? Is all you want from life that miserable and a lonely closed-down mine to live with? You got nothin' in this job and in this place. And havin' nothin' is bein' nothin'. Teri garr nudography, I ain't got anythin' either. We could change that. If we had what's in there You got more 'Morgan' in you teri garr nudography 'Tyler. Then, Kady told Jess the identity of the father of her own illegitimate infant son - explaining even further why she felt entitled to a share of the now-abandoned Gillespie silver mine, in order to become rich:.

She described how Wash Gillespie had impregnated and then abandoned her when she started to show her pregnancy - because he refused to marry a poor 'Morgan": "I'm not as good as a 'Gillespie'". She felt deserving of repayment:.

They owe me and my baby. If I can get silver, that's payment, and that's right and it's good. Jess, the first time I ever had a paper dollar bill in my hand, I was twelve years old. I let one of the boarders spend the night with me. Maybe that was bad, but the things I bought with that money was good, and I want more for me and for my baby. I want good things for us, and if that's bad, then I wanna be bad!

While attending a local church with a brimstone and teri garr nudography preacher Rev. Rivers Stuart Whitmanwho spoke pointedly about "lust and fornication" while delivering a sermon about the Prodigal Son, Kady felt insulted by his insinuations about her need for cleansing of her sins, and she stormed out of the church. The preacher even warned Jess about temptations of the flesh: "You can only be a Daddy to her Jess, nothin' more. I'm gonna work the mine - for silver". She had successfully manipulated him into her point of view. The film's most notorious scene was a bathtub scene in which Jess helped bathe his alluring "daughter" in a metal tub, to relax after mining all day - and finding nothing.

As she dipped herself naked into the tub, she told him: "Feels good. Is it gonna be like this every day? Hurtin' all over and not a thing to show for it? Kneeling behind her, he massaged her shoulders Kady: "You got good hands" and then moved both of his hands around her back and squeezed and cupped both of her full breasts. But then he pulled back: "It ain't right," although she reassured him as a grown woman: "What's wrong?

It feels good to me. Does it to you? It's right if it's good. Sometimes, I need Upon returning home, Jess' older daughter Janey Kady's older sister appeared at Jess' desert shack with Kady's infant Danny. It was noticed that young Danny had a tell-tale hereditary butterfly-shaped birthmark near his bellybutton.

Janey informed Kady that the baby's father Wash had decided to marry her within a few daysand then he arrived the next morning in an expensive convertible. Wash planned on taking her away as his bride. Soon after, at nighttime, scheming womanizer Moke Blue arrived with his silver-greedy brother Ed Lamey, and tuberculosis-ailing Belle Jess' ex-wife - hacking and out of breath, she was suffering from a serious terminal condition. Belle was always thought to be Kady's and Janey's mother. Moke suggested to Jess that with silver prices rising, the closed mine might now be profitable to the Gillespies.

When Moke went inside to attend to the frail Belle, she attempted to stab him with a long hat pin, and while defending himself, he killed her. After Belle's funeral service and burial, Jess caught the despicable shirtless Moke stealing silver ore from the mine, his real goal for being there. He glimpsed the same butterfly mark near Moke's belly-button, and concluded that Moke had fathered Kady's son:.

Moke: "Oh yeah! Yeah, that mark, huh. All the boys in the family got that marking. In anger for the unauthorized theft of silver - and for having fathered Danny with Kady, Jess lethally shot Moke in the stomach in the mine. As he died, Moke explained even more implications regarding the mark that only afflicted men, and admitted that Danny was his son or grand-son - as well as the fact that HE was Kady's birth-father:.

Moke: "Only the men get it. If the baby's a girl, it skips, skips to the next boy.

Teri garr nudography

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