The erotic hypnotist

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Deeper Inside is an erotic hypnotist who has hypnotized hundreds, if not thousands, of very happy subjects through his erotic hypnosis recordings. He has also spent hundreds of hours in hypnotic trance himself exploring the limits of what can be accomplished through the power of suggestion.

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His approach to the field of hypnosis is one of searching out unique, authentic experiences that reflect a deeper meaning and provide genuine value. He understands human sexuality to the erotic hypnotist an untapped reservoir of creative and healing energy that can be put to use to improve quality of life and expand consciousness beyond the mundane. This is because he sees the human body as the incredible pleasure generating machine we are fortunate enough to have our consciousness plugged into.

An explorer at heart, he is driven to discover just how much we can experience through hypnosis and to consider what these experiences mean about us. He believes the undiscovered frontiers of hypnosis are vast and calling upon us to open ourselves to the unknown. I write love stories with magic, adventure and a little pizzazz. I ran across Deeper Inside while doing research for my upcoming novel and guess what? For more goodies, articles and giveaways, please consider subscribing to my Newsletter.

My first experience with hypnosis was when I came upon a hands-free orgasm HFO hypnosis recording. It happens. Since then I have had many very successful experiences listening to a of recordings by women with beautiful voices and hypnotic talent. Beautiful voices. One of them was so effective and mind blowing I was inspired to refocus my hypnotic intent toward the erotic. The hands-free orgasm absolutely exists.

Some happy little soul is out there having one right now. Different people have different levels of receptivity to hypnotic suggestion. Different people are more receptive to different styles. I have had women tell me they almost never orgasm to hands free orgasm hypnosis recordings, but mine work.

Sometimes you just have to experiment a bit to find out what makes you feel really fucking good. There are also HFOs happening all the time that have nothing to do with hypnosis. The image that you go under during hypnosis is a common misconception that used to trip me up.

The most effective state to be in if you want to allow my words to enter deep into your unconscious is about halfway between awake and asleep. You just relax enough to allow the suggestions in through your conscious mind, and focus on my words to the exclusion of other stimulation. The truth is that you are conscious of my words with your full focus at all times while in trance. Hypnosis itself is a very intimate experience, because you put a certain level of trust in me in order to allow the words to directly affect your unconscious mind.

There is a certain closeness in this. Apart from using certain phrases you will hear most hypnotists use, I write my scripts from scratch in whatever direction my imagination takes me. This means that when you open up to my voice you are choosing to accept a direct transmission from my imagination into your unconscious mind.

And the experience can be more immersive than your favorite movie when you just allow it to happen. I know this because I have spent so much time being hypnotized by others. The more comfortable you can be with allowing me to guide you through an experience, the more likely you are to be the type of person who will enjoy and benefit from this type of experience.

I also include suggestions in all of my recordings that are placed specifically to help you to become a stronger, happier person the erotic hypnotist live a fuller life. The benefits of hypnosis are limited only by the scope of imagination, the talent of the hypnotist, and the desire of the subject. I work in bursts. The creative process herself has a secret fantasy to have pleasure forced upon her.

A lot of my ideas come from a dirty habit of studying intergender dynamics and seduction. I also allow inspiration to come from listening to the erotic hypnotist tell me what your fantasies are. It can make it pretty hard sometimes. You know. To concentrate on work.

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I create all of the music for each recording. And all the visuals even though your eyes are closed the entire time. After I have something close to a final cut I test it on myself. Otherwise I would never know how amazing it feels to be called a good girl by me. Deep inside. No one ever told me I had a sexy voice until a woman listened to my regular hypnosis work a while back and said something.

I honestly had no idea. All those years I could have been talking dirty to women and getting away with it. As far as saying cock, fuck, cunt, balls, pussy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…. Considering how enjoyable it was to hear her say those things well, scream those things reallymaybe it would be a good idea to create something more explicit for that dirty, dirty, dirty girl who just wants to have it put to her straight and hard. She does deserve it after all. We are animals who have evolved instincts that are a part of us. These instincts must be expressed in creative ways, because we live in a world that suppresses them to maintain social order.

Hopefully this changes as the erotic hypnotist passes.

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Lucifer is an expression of our repressed instincts. Lucifer is our friend. There is a lot of unnecessary fear around our hidden fantasies. Fully erect and consumed with desire. The more we explore our secret desires while still valuing the wellbeing of others, the better our lives become.

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As we get better at holding space for each other, it becomes easier to be who we really are. I hold space for you by allowing you to express your fantasies to me in confidence, then I craft them into something specifically for you. And you would probably also like for me to say your name when I speak to you. Should I be telling you this? Why not. But they are more likely to know about erotic hypnosis, because they just have more information.

A good handful are years old and it falls off after that. A little intrigue. God, if they ever find out.

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I imagine my target audience convulsing in ecstasy, leaving a wet spot on fabric, and having to take time to reorient afterwards and come to terms with how good they feel. As long as she is kind and genuine and I have the time for it, I make myself available for communication with a subject. One thing for sure has managed to stay with me and make an impression within. A while back I talked with another hypnotist who told me he just uses text to hypnotize women and bring them to orgasm.

The erotic hypnotist caused me to become very curious. A while later I started to use the same language from my recordings while messaging with women who had listened. Lo and behold. I discovered that some women do indeed orgasm to text. Sometimes even from emojis. YouTube Channel Website Instagram. She just wanted to mope over her breakup but the universe had other plans for Zoey Mills. Read the full blurb here. Are you in the Writing Industry? post Next post.

The erotic hypnotist

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