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A German trans woman is running for a seat in parliament. States keep moving on anti-trans bills. RuPaul reveals who seems to be an unlikely fan of Drag Race. Stress from discrimination causes more heart problems among transgender folks. A trans woman has won the title Miss South Africa. Spain has passed its new Transgender Equality Law. Many of us have been there. Sometimes to the point at which the attraction to feminine clothing interferes with our daily lives. Kandi Robbins has been there.

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Done that. Today she writes about what it was like suppressing her feminine desires when she was in the closet. Dana Bevan looks into the early research going on to determine when children begin to learn about gender and find what their gender is. Science is making a beginning to investigate this area and is the research is benefited by the rise of more transgender children who are supported by their families.

Find out how she got her name, explore her body of work in the alt comics world and get her advice on how to make a career in art. To get by she has to utilize what she has at her disposal. This evening Ramona has gotten mixed up with some fashion buyers and one of them, a cat named Box, wanted her to act nice to another buyer to his benefit. Looking to avoid a confrontation she retreats to the ladies room and runs into Nikki and they spent some intimate time in one of the stalls.

Chrissy Gann writes about the loving relationship she has with her partner. It is not alway easy and there is sometime conflict but in the end they compliment each other. Transgender forum mtf Retro Rerun today is from March of Thomas after Ms. Thomas attended her first major transgender event, Fall Harvest in Minneapolis in November of Stephanie learned a transgender forum mtf of things at that event.

For one thing she found she loved to dance the night away as Stephanie, and two, she realized that all her life she had needed to know the gender of anyone she interacted with. After meeting a variety of gender and sexual identities at the Fall Harvest she decided to abandon that position.

So much in fact that you may want to break it up into two or three reading sessions. What do we know? Gavin Grimm has won his case, again, when the Supreme Court did not take it up. A trans woman in the new Miss Nevada. The U. State Department introduces a neutral gender marker on passports. The White House supports expanded rights for trans people.

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More movement on anti trans legislation continues. California is fixing the language in its laws to be gender neutral. Arkansa holds a person Pride march. Pete Buttigieg tells viewers of The Late Show that trans rights are important. Pennsylvania makes it easier to do a name change. Furniture from the set of Pose is donated to a place for homeless trans youth. Spain is reforming its laws regarding trans people. Some other nations go in the opposite direction. Time for another look at transgender people in the arts and entertainment! Sophie Lynne lost a friend a few days ago, someone who was very active in her local support organization and was very comfortable relating to the world from a feminine place.

But she was not out to her family, meaning a friend from the trans community had to go to her home and clean out all hints that a woman was living there. Sophie writes about how that feels. Trying to just relax for the evening Ramona has gotten mixed up with some fashion buyers and one of them wants her to act nice to another buyer to his benefit. Looking to avoid a confrontation she retreats to the ladies room and runs into someone she knows. Someone she knows very well. Christy Lewis feels as if she has been enclosed in a chrysalis, slowly transforming into the beautiful butterfly she was meant to be, and now she has broken through the confining wall.

Katie Ward, a member of the TransCentralPA support group and one of the many women who put effort into producing the annual Keystone Conference, passed away in June. Her friend Jennifer Latham wrote the following tribute to Katie and has allowed us to share transgender forum mtf here. My good friend Katie Ward, passed away on Monday, […]. Kenny has to return from wherever he was and go to high school. The Army and Navy have announced their plans to allow transgender people to serve. The V. States continue to introduce and pass laws restricting trans people in school sports and limiting medical care for trans.

Several governors have said they will veto those bills if they land on their desks. President Biden has deated the site of the Pulse nightclub as a national monument. Trans runner CeCe Telfer will not compete in the Olympics. A transgender woman is kayaking around Iceland against the current.

Indya Moore stars in a new film. Sabrina Symington continues her series of voice training videos that give you the vocal tools to sound in a way that matches your look. Whether you crossdress now and then or live fulltime in your preferred gender speaking as a woman can boost your confidence when you interact with members of the general public.

Sabrina has a lot to say on the subject of sounding like you look. Claire Transgender forum mtf knew that the of transgender people who contemplate suicide is as high as 90 percent. And that was true for a good while.

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Then pressures from her job, tension caused by the pandemic, and personal troubles like a car that died suddenly all conspired to send her to the the ER, and then into counseling for depression that had paved the way for suicidal thoughts. But there she runs into someone she knows.

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Rabbah Rona Matlow says we must do better. Better at educating people about the contributions to society from marginalized communities. She makes the point, just after Juneteenth is made a federal holiday, that many of the contributions of Black people are either accepted without acknowledging the race of the person who contributed or who they were is not mentioned at all. See if you can spot the current TGForum editor and a contributor among the friends pictured.

The federal government is stepping in to oppose anti-trans legislation. Where do these anti-trans bills come from?

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Follow the money. The Department of the Interior flies the Pride Flag for the first time. Trans people are transgender forum mtf exhausted educating people about the transgender experience. Trans youth are struggling to get proper medical care. More than twenty years ago the documentary Gendernauts premiered. Now comes Genderation. Trans comic Julia Scotti is the subject of a new documentary. Demi Lovato has a new haircut. Bubly has introduced a new commercial featuring drag performers. Never seen photos of Marsha P. Johnson have come to light. My friend Niki happened to be there, so I said hi to her in the chat box.

Turns out she was planning to be in Chicago the week after the Womanish weekend. After the zoom meeting, we talked some […]. In a country where the majority of the feminine folks worry about their weight and try all sorts of things to be thinner, or at least look thinner, Bria has some diet advice, advice. However, she still felt an uncertainty about how attractive she would be to men. She had to find out. Linda tells us what happened.

Just a short time ago there was very little representation of trans women in television shows and films. When there was a trans character the role was often played by either a cisgender male actor or a cisgender woman. All that has been changing and now there are many trans actresses, some very well known, who can take these roles. Here is a photo gallery of just a few of them. Trying to just relax for the evening Ramona has gotten mixed up with some fashion buyers and one of them wants her to cosy up to another to his benefit.

Transgender forum mtf

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