Used panty forum

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Home […] Forums Chat Chat. I buy used women's underwear AMA Watch. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Useful links: 1 5. This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1.

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Its one of the reasons why im usually broke. Not what you're looking for? Plantagenet Crown Badges: Report 4 years ago 2. Report 4 years ago 3. Why not just spend it on a body pillow? I heard their personalities are great. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 4. Original post by Plantagenet Crown Do you nick ladies' knickers? Please be brief s. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 5. Original post by crosssafley Why not just spend it on a body pillow? Elizabeth II Badges: Report 4 years ago 6.

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Also, what does your girlfriend, whose birthday is coming up soonthink of this? Report 4 years ago 7. Report 4 years ago 8. Report 4 years ago 9. Original post by john I don't get it? Report Thread starter 4 years ago Zaradavidson Badges: Report 4 years ago Original post by john Yep like i said i havent been buying many for past year cause im in a relationship, sometimes ill buy the odd pair hete and there She doesn't know about it tho. Original post by Paracosm I'm sure she'd be thrilled. PhilCollinsFan Badges: 1. How do your dealers transport the 'goods' to you?

I typically request storage in an airtight sandwich bag as I have found that it keeps them fresh. Furthermore, do you take any measures to hide them once they arrive? Roommates used panty forum to be quite judgemental of my lifestyle. Badges: 6. Original post by PhilCollinsFan How do your dealers transport the 'goods' to you? Moonstruck16 Badges: 5. Meany Pie Badges: 5. Back to top.

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Used panty forum

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Does anyone have a used underwear fetish?