What is a daddy dom

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Picture yourself entering a darkened room only slightly in focus, by warm candle light. Suddenly your hair is yanked back- and you begin breathing heavy and your heart begins pounding so loud, your afriad its going to jump out of your chest. While He masterfuly allows the feather strokes to sweetly caress you- without warning, your mouth and tongue is immersed with the taste of a sweet juicy orange slice he slides in and out to you, and you smile wide.

You stick your tongue out for more- but instead, you feel His wet hot tongue being softly inserted deep into your mouth this time, - and as He wipes the juice off your tongue with his tongue You next hear the muffled sound of a switch being turned on- By this time your pussy is swollen wet and dripping pussy suddenly gets a simmering vibrating egg inserted into your moist vagina walls, - again you thrust your back upward, and moan and sigh wildly until your body turns the shock into pleasure- You sink and melt into the bed as if it were a quicksand pulling you down- as get totally lost as your pussy is now on fire with wanting more attention.

Your clit is aching and throbbing itching and tingling terribly to be touched and pleased- Slowly now you feel His hot breath at your feet- suddenly your toes are getting sucked on- the sensation drives you crazy- and you begin giggling- because He is also tickling your feet You moan, and shift your body Again you hear Him go to his bag- what is He getting next--you are pondering and then you whisper that to Him He kisses you even more passionately Suddenly He trusts himself atop your chest, his knees between your beautiful torso- you feel the strength of His hand's grip under your chin, and then takes firmly your slender soft neck and throat- as He begins throttling your breath- intensifying your physical high- so many more senses now awaken- yet controlled by His every touch- He unties your wrists, and sits you up.

What you cannot see is rope he has ready to bind your body with You feel the erotic sensation of rope being applied to your sweaty moist skin, around the under area to your breasts and back- then within minutes your beautiful breasts are bound, - the blood from your lovely breasts trapped in His tight blue rope bonds- making your nipples very erect and each entire breast so very extra sensitiv- soft and swollen aching pillows to themselves now. You are then laid back down and re-tied to the bedposts. You next feel His cock- hard and erect as it glances over your mouth- He slaps your mouth with his cock- once then twiceas you openbegging to have What is a daddy dom trust it in- but alas the tease continues- your soft pouty lips want more- He gently -erotically- rotates the tip of His cock over your mouth's lips- each time you extend your tongue out as far as you can- as if trying to catch rain droplets from the sky- yet each time you extend He pulls His cock away.

Without warning- He reaches back behind you- slides His fingers- what is a daddy dom then two- deep inside your soft drenched aching pussy- now streaming with precum and juices that taste like honey- and it does- - as What is a daddy dom pulls His fingers out and sucks every one- before placing those same two finger inside your mouth for a tongue bath-of your own.

He then trusts in once more- grabs your hair-fist tight behind your head yanks your head back, - and He finally thrusts His throbbing cock deep in your mouth- -After the third thrust in- you finally gauge is size- and relax your throat- --good thing too, because the forth trust you take all your throat can handle- and his nearly 7 inches is now balls deep into your mouth where he just holds it there- as you gag once- then twice- as tears flow down the side of your face- until finally He releases.

Your saliva flows down His shaft- You took His cock so beautifully without a fight- He is so proud of you- He could not resist but to softly kiss youand dance his tongue with yours for many minutes- as you sigh in contentment- and wanting Him inside you now once more. He removes the thorns from your breasts that have been there still- leaving lovely red scratch marks etched into your soft skin He slowly slides down what is a daddy dom body- kissing you - stopping at each nipple and just sucking them as if a baby nursing his mothers sweet milk- The sensation fills you with a deep warmth- You begin to float- entering that first level of subspace now- finally the tip of His cock passes down and over your clit- and you sigh and moan- and arch your backyou wish to grab his ass and just thrust His cock inside you- but your wrists are bound- and again you pout- as the tip of His cock just touches your outer pussy lips- and He gently allows the first inch or two of HIM- His cock to just bask in your warm pussy juices just in and around your vagina He then slightly trusts in, - then back out more- and repeats- then slides down even more- Again you are pouting- throwing a hissy fit even as you want to be fucked so badly now- Yet instead- you next feel His mouth sucking your toes-once more, first your right foot- his tongue warm and wet between each beautifully crafted lil toe of yours- His hands massaging the underside of your foot as He sucks and sucks on- the sensation drives you crazy You hear more sounds coming from his leather bag- he lights a candle that yu cannot see- suddenly you hot sensation of candle wax dripping to your nipples, - you moan, shudder and release such a sigh and whimper of pleasure pain- as the wax quickly cools to your chilled skin Without warning He pulls that vibrating egg out of your pussy- the shock waves makes you moan almost uncontrollably- This new sensation has you panting and releasing pent up hunger and the desire to madly have an orgasm- as just then- He takes his cock and thrust it all in- deep in your pussy- but not fucking you hard- no that would have been to easy- He slowly- gently- -softly- allows the inside of your vagina cavity to feel every last piece of His throbbing hot cock- all 7 inches- slowly- ever slowly in and out- your trusting and trashing your body upward- you want to be fucked and pounded- but He says "noooo not yet" He commands you to remain calm- - instead he makes love to you- slowly embracing all the juices in your trenched pussy- now rotating His cock as it is fully in you- gently He kisses your lips He then begins to also quiver in ecstasy, He can hardly move- yet He unties your restrained hands- so you can wrap your arms around Him- and you both melt into each other He then removes the blind fold, and looks into your beautiful eyes, and warmly smiles- kissing you softly.

Tonight, a lovely woman was walking all alone in a dream. She seems lost- in life she is this truly beautiful young adult woman, but in this dream- she is but maybe 12 - looking all about as if she is searching Suddenly off in the distance in the near by park- she sees a man sitting on a bench all alone and begins walking up to him He is a nice looking man in her eyes maybe early 50ish, a touch of gray starting to show in his short clean cut dark hairline he looks maybe of Italian nationality.

She thought to herself- wow that man has such a kind face- and warm eyes- maybe I should go ask him if he has seen my Daddy Dom. She looked up at him all pretty in her pink and black sun-dress, so innocent- with a short pixie pretty blond hair, gorgeous eyes, and the sweetest dimples he ever saw as she smiled. He then looked at her and a warm heartfelt emotion radiated through his heart-- as he replied-- "Well little girl- do you think I am a Daddy Dom?

Do you know what a real Daddy Dom is and all about?? He smiled and placed his manly looking hand atop her head and caressed her hair with two strokes and said the following as she contently listened I am truly a caring loving man with a very generous and compassionate heart. This Daddy will keep all the monsters away that scare you each night when you turn your bedroom light off, and hear them bad creatures creeping under your bed or in between the four empty walls of your dark bedroom- You're Daddy is right there no matter if he truly is afar or not-- You sense his love no matter where and how many miles the distance.

Little girl- you are not a slave to your Daddy, but your Daddy earns your gift of submission This Daddy does not take that lightly and is fully aware of you submitting to him. This is the greatest gift on earth A good girl always listens to Daddy- as long as her emotions and physical sides are never compromised This Daddy is a very sensitive and yet strong man all in one- He can get watery eyes when he feels the love of his girl -- happy watery eyes- yet he can give out punishment when warranted - and be strict- when she breaks rules- or does things to get in trouble as some littles often do Daddy will teach you how to get spankings even from afar- trust me lol Daddy will help you with any self esteem issues- and will always support you- will take care of you when you are sick- It is simply his nature to always care for you.

You will never top your Daddy Dom- that is a very wrong thing to do- Only bad girls try to do such a things- Your Daddy will always love you to pieces, - you in turn as his little girl, should love Daddy back- fore if you love your Daddy and never tell him you do- that is so very very wrong and a very selfish thing on your part Sometimes being a Daddy Dom can be very difficult In fact life is like that and I am sure many of us Doms not thrilled to go to work each day, and suck it up knowing that hopefully he has a precious girl thinking of him somewhere.

Trust it's not always easy being me. But more than anything he loves her- and will not let the stress of everyday life stand between him and her happiness. Your happiness is what I love living for now When I have a girl of my own, this Daddy does his best to keep that brave face on. And at the end of that day -- when coming home, my hope would be to have that pretty face there smiling happy again to see me home- How she loves me and desires and needs me- fore somehow changes any cloudy day into a bright sunshine as soon as I walk through the door Her smile would greet me, her arms wrap about me and then that soft and sweet angelic voice just puts me in heaven on earth Now I am Daddy again.

I am her Dom and I am home when together with her- where we continue our journey of wonderment that only this life style can emotionally, physically and erotically offer I am where I need to be and she again has her Daddy Dom - and she is where she needed to be once more and forever.

You girl, would know me fore you have a 6th sense knowing what I need and when I need it I am proud that she is also a capable big girl. She knows she can ask Daddy to help her carry her burdens; even take them from her, to give her a rest when needed from the harshness life sometimes deals out. I become your Rock- your safe haven- your world, and you become my morning noon and night forever.

There's a happy storybook we can build Every inside is filled With things right now seeming far away The special things of wonderful dreams I did compile Each one there to make you smile. They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy They can say, they can say we've lost our minds I don't care, I don't care if they call us crazy Runaway to a world that we de.

However big, however small Let me be part of it all Come now share your dreams with Daddy me Saying what is a daddy dom may be right, you may be wrong But say that you'll bring this Daddy along To the magical world I shall guide you through to see To the world I close my eyes to see I close my eyes for now us both to see. Every night I lie in bed The brightest colors fill my head A million dreams are keeping me awake A million dreams, a million dreams I think of what the world could be A vision of the you I now see A million dreams is all it's gonna take A million dreams for the world we're gonna make.

I am a Dom- and yet it is the right adult lil girl - who truly makes me a beautiful Daddy Dom who makes my girl feel like the most precious woman in the world. She feels cherished, adorned, loved, and spoiled to pieces. But yet, without her at my side, I am not complete, I am not whole, and feel as if I cannot breathe. What is paramount to first know and try to understand- is that this is NOT what is a daddy dom incest in any way, shape, or form!

It is more the of a softer Dom- Daddy type figure in a very caring softer loving way in my opinion. Also in the relationship Daddy in turn feels wanted, needed, adored and almost worshiped by His lil girl. He is almost everything to her. They believe that Daddy knows best and He knows that His lil girl loves her Daddy more then anything. Daddy will teach her how to fulfill the relationship. He will always listen to her opinion she has a voicethoughts and feelings, because He is interested in her mind, because he loves intelligence.

However, when there is an important decision to be made, His should be the final word. Just my opinion Truly when the little girl becomes submissive to Daddy, and as her Daddy Dom- the two being both then this really becomes that so magical of all relationships in the bdsm realm The following is a collection of various authors' writings with My own thoughts mingled in as well.

Although I credit each author, I've noticed less careful readers mistake these writings for my own. Even though I have injected my own feelings here and there, I do not claim the work below. It is simply a compilation of passages meant for anyone who finds them helpful. First you should say that in my relationship my Dom is not my father, he is nothing like my father, and you have no need for him to replace your father.

He is however a Daddy. You dont need to engage in age play specifically beyond the occasional school girl fantasy you are always all woman, and always a very independent woman.

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Daddy does have the ability to make you feel like a little girl, but yet you are still an adult, however, a very cherished and sometimes needy little girl. It is a feeling that you will revel in, it is the safest place you have ever been, and it allows you the freedom to be all that you are without fear of reprisals. You feeling safe and comfortable with Daddy is truly which allows your liitle girl inside you to wish to come out of her Big girl persona. First and foremost he loves his adult little girl. She is his prized possession.

His eyes light up when she walks into the room and he takes great pride in her successes. After all, he helped to create her. She holds the most tender part of his heart and has the greatest power to hurt him. Seeing her hurt however is not something a Daddy Dom wants. He sees it as his job to protect her, both from the outside world and herself.

He may love the pleasure-pain aspect in an intimate play session-but he hates to be the one to hurt her for selfish reasons and should never prey on her emotional state. It hurts him to have to punish herbut he knows it is sometimes necessary.

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This takes great strength on his part. It takes strength to control her, and to shape her to his needs and desires. It takes strength to be her confidant, her shoulder, her anchor. It takes strength to let her out into the world when all he wants to do is hold her safe in his arms. And it takes strength to do what is necessary when she needs to be disciplined. A Daddy Dom knows the value of discipline, though at times his soft heart gets the best of him.

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He knows that in order for his little girl to be the best she can possibly be he must stand firm. He uses his experience in life and his knowledge of her to provide proper direction and punishment when the need arises. He knows this hurts her, and that tears at his heart, but he also knows it is for her own good. She is safe in his arms because he knows everything about her, and he still loves her.

When she goes to him she knows that this man knows all of her dirty little secrets and it doesn't matter. To him she is beautiful. In most cases very little. Hopefully all Doms provide love, strength, protection, discipline, and acceptance. Daddy Doms should be a kinder, gentler softer, Dom. There is something infinitely magical about a Daddy Dom. Perhaps it is something only a little girl can understand. Nor does it imply closet desires. It refers to the environment that two people have created.

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A Daddy Dom is so named because of the qualities he possesses and the service he provides. What is a Daddy Dom?

What is a daddy dom

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Daddy-Dom relationships: a ride on the older side