What is cbt kink

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Cock-and-ball torture CBT refers to the sexual practice of inflicting pain or discomfort on a man's penis and testicles. This practice usually occurs during BDSM play involving a dominant female and a submissive male. The scrotum and penis are packed with nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to all types of handling. Although some men can hardly stand the thought of cock-and-ball torture, other men find the practice highly erotic and very pleasurable. There are a of different methods, techniques and toys that can be used during cock-and-ball torture.

Slapping, squeezing, stepping on and kicking the testicles and penis can all be considered forms of cock-and-ball torture. Toys and other equipment can also be used, including floggers, ball stretchers and cock cages. Some more extreme forms of cock-and-ball torture include inflating the scrotum by injecting it with a saline solution, and shoving a needle or nail through the scrotum or penis. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals.

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What is cbt kink

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